Expecting Altered Tag with Heather Thompson

Welcome back to another post. Today I am sharing a tag I made for a good friend who is having a baby boy. It’s usually up to me to make the card or tag for the gift from the work crew.

I first took a large tag and added some little boy themed paper to the base of the Tag. A quick layer of clear gesso to prep the paper. I added a light layer of Paste with the Dots Stencil. 

Once everything was dry, I added a little matching spray to highlight the stencil. I added matching paper to one of the larger tags from the Tags set 5 and 6. And then layered it up with flowers and circle punches.

I had some left over baby’s breath and delicate ivy that I put in the flower cluster. I used the sprays and painted the word Expecting from the Mother To Be word set.

Thank you for stopping by today and Happy crafting.

Mother To Be Word Set

Dots Stencil
Large Tag
Tags Set 5
Tag Set 6
Delicate Ivy
Baby’s Breath

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Altered Pulley with Heather Thompson

A friend of mine knows I love anything old, rusty and industrial. They gifted me this old pulley that still is functional. I plan to make it into a home decor item once I gather all the supplies to do so. In the mean time I decided to add some gears trinkets and metal to it.

I started with adding more texture to the base of the piece. It already had paint chipping off so I decided to add more crackle to the piece.

I painted the base with a mixture of raw umber and medium grey. I topped it off with a thick layer of weathered wood. This is one step that takes time. The weathered wood should dry with out any help from heat setting. Once dry, I added a blend of Quinn Gold and Raw Umber before topping it off with a thick layer of crackle paint .

I love the crackle effect I got, so I added a few stencilled gears on the background before the layering begins.


I started big and work smaller. Using the Large Gear Frames, I know where the focal point will be. Using a heavy gel medium I begin to layer the various metal, chipboard and gears to the piece.


I fill in the spaces and help support the larger items with the Gears 1, they fit perfectly under and between. I used the Gears Wheel Spin to layer up the Amour Light Bulb. I have a tendency of having left over chipboard, So on these compositions I use up my odds and ends. I used my last Steampunk ATC’s and some gears 1 1/2  with in the piece.


Once I finished adding all of the chipboard and metal, I added sand texture before I paint it all. Using a bit of a dirty wash combo. I layered with quinn gold, transparent yellow iron oxide, and Raw Umber. A bit of dry brushing with paynes grey and toping of with titan buff. Some more blending with more of the dirty wash and top off some patina with Cobalt Teal Hue.

I love how this project came together. I cant wait to get it up and functional. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for stopping by!







Large Gear Frames

Gear Wheel Spin

Gears 1 1/2 inch

Steam Punk ATC’s 

Gears 1

Gears Stencil 2



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Altered Lanyard’s

Happy Happy New Year, Welcome back to another fun and creative new year ahead of us. I hope everyone had a great and safe time. And I look forward to a bigger and better year to come.

I have a fun little project today. I really need to find some time to relax and paint. This little project did just that for me. A quick project between work and holiday events. I needed a small gift for a co-worker. I have extra lanyards, (they break when you least need them to.)

I started out by picked out some Steampunk Keys, I wasn’t sure if I was going to cut them or use the whole key, I figured us Nurses  can be pretty hard on things I have to make them fairly small and compact. I decided to trim the teeth portion off the chipboard.

I then layered a gears from the small Gears Set 2 over the base gears and topped it of with a quick metal piece. Using a heavy gel medium to hold things together really good.

Once they were all dry, I topped off with some layers of my favourite texture and paint combo! A little dry brushing to highlight the texture and, done! a quick and easy gift for a co-worker.


Thank you for stopping by today and checking out this creative project. Happy Happy New year.





Steampunk Keys 

Gears Set 2 Small


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Altered Gift Bags

Hello everyone, I would love to share a fun project I made with some left over chocolate bags. They were so pretty and heavy duty, I couldn’t resist but keep them for a project.


I started with cutting some paper to fit the outside o the bags. Using some score tape to adhere it to the outside. I began to work on the chipboard pieces. Using my adhesive machine, I added stickiness to the Happy Holiday Title, A Very Merry Christmas Tree and the Scribble Snowman, Tree, Present and Reindeer. Decorations. I was going to do glitter foil but found the adhesive was too sticky and it pulled the chipboard apart. I decided to add glitter instead. I sprinkled the glitter on and pressed it on to the chipboard.


I added a bit of glitter past with the Star Bokeh Stencil on the background and set aside to dry.

I found some flowers, old Christmas lights, and added some Holly Jolly Flair to the mix before putting it all together.


I then made the few flower cluster and added a little extra paper die cuts to fill it all in.

Thank you for stopping by today, happy holidays to you all.

Holly Jolly Flare

Scribble Snowman

Scribble Tree

A Very Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

Stars Bokeh Stencil

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Festive Holiday Jar

Welcome back to another post here. I would love to share a fun project I made recently. I am turning over a new leaf, new traditions, new memories and new festive projects. I love the holidays but find I run out of time to decorate, hang all the lights I want to hang, just spend time with the kids and have fun. This has been a whole new year of change and one change is decorating. Festive lights, decorations and even a lopsided Christmas tree is happening.

This is a jar I picked up at a thrift sale. I was going to steampunk it all out. Because I love the steampunk but I changed it up. I decided to start with the base of the jar and take some Snowflake paste and the Snowflake Stencil and add some texture around the whole jar. I waited between sections of the jar to dry and gathered flowers, stjerneanis, (Star anise), glitter, the filigree trees, and wooden snowflakes to the mix.

I used some embossing powder to add green to the filigree tree, and a very festive shabby white embossing powder of the snowflakes.

I glued down the filigree tree and then added a small flower cluster to the front of the jar. I place the stjerneanis and smaller wooded snowflakes in the bare spaces. Once everything was glued down, I added glitter, frosted Blue Acrylic Snowflakes and the remained snowflakes I didn’t use in the candle itself. just to add a little more holiday glitter to the project.

I hope you enjoy and welcome December! Happy crafting.



Snowflakes Wood Veneers

Frosted Blue Snowflakes Acrylic

Snowflake Stencil

Filigree Trees

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Capture Moments Mixed Media Layout

Hello everyone, welcome back, I hope everyone one had a great holiday if you celebrate in your area. I am back from a much long over due vacations after the long and hectic past months. My good friend Amy and I took a mom trip with the kids. Her kids and mine. I wont share to much because I have a bunch of projects I want to do to capture our memories. But this is a quick mixed media layout made of her and Olivia after dinner one night. Th blood and lighting was unique and fun to work with.


I have a video to post but I came home and went right to work on a stretch so I will add it after this weekend.


This layout started with just finding the right paper collection for the base, I knew of two collections that had the purple and teal combo and I picked the garden party collection. I also save most of my scraps from previous projects so I just ended up using some of them to fill in the layering.


I started with the base and prepping the paper with the clear gesso. I need really know what I’m going to do until I start messing around. I used the Lines and Dots Stencil and found some pretty glitter paste to cover the background. I set aside to dry and work on matting my photo.


I gather a variety of ribbon, flowers and beads to add to the layers of paper. I wanted to frame the photo but not cemetrical. I use the Circle Doodle Frame and picked 0ut the title. Using matching paint I use sponged it onto the chipboard. No prep, no smell, no lingering effects just dabbing of the paint with a sponge. This also added a little bit of texture with the dabbing process.

After everything was dry, I began just laying down paper and focusing on adding the elements. Using the Capture Moments Words from the Small Moments Boarder Words, I Actually cut the flourish ends off the words and layer them into the page. I really don’t let much go to waste.Once all the layers done, I added small flower clusters and did some minimal stamping with the Circle Bokeh Stamp around each of the focal points. I topped it of with some mixed micobeaes in the teal and purple colours.


I hope you all enjoy and look for more projects and stories of our vacation adventures. Happy Crafting and “Capture Moments”


Circle Bokeh Stamp

Small Moments Boarder Words

Lines and Dots Stencil

Circle Doodle Frame

7 Dots Studio Garden Party Collection


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Thank You Retirement Card

“Today I share a post of a large tag I made for a friend. This is for a nurse that has been instrumental in my development of who I am. She has been a nurse forever! And she has touched so many lives from her patients and families, to the nurses she has help mould into great caring people.


This tag was started with the base. Using a Large Tag from the store, I added a layer of tissue paper for the background with my adhesive machine. I then took the Small Square Stencil and some microbes paste and covered the whole tag. I let that sit and dry. Then a quick pop of colour on the background.


I took the Grunge Square Frames and added a layer of crackle paint to the top. I let the crackle set and then spruced it up with a bold colour. I then tore some Alphabet Cards out to say Thank You. A big Thank you for everything she has done.


After everything was dry I layer the Grunge Square Frames with flowers and a little paper and the Thank You Cards. I added the hearts from the Feb 14th Flair set.


I added the “Retired” Word Set to the bottom after a little colour. And then I finished off the tag with a bit of seam binding.


Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoy some creating and happy crafting.




Small Square Stencil

February 14th Flair

Grunge Square Frames

Large Tag

Retirement Word Set

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Sea Sun and Sand Shakers

A friend of mine is going on a fun, sea and beach filled vacation. She deserves it so much, So I wanted to have a little fun with her girls and make some fun shakers. I just painted the background on some and filled with lots of goodies on the inside.

The Sand Dollar Shaker, I simply blending some paint to get the background. I would say this was the most complete one to put together. They are a number of intricate parts and layers. I topped all the shakers with some crackle paint to help get the effects of the wear and tear of the sun, sea and sand.


The Shell Shaker was the same, painting and layers adding fine details with the crackle.


The Island Shaker I decided to paint a quick sunset in the background. Adding a little bit of sunshine and then painting the palm and sand on the top layer of the shaker. I actually was going to put palm shakers in the globe but glued it all together and looked down and there were the palms. 🙁 next time.


The Flip Flops Shaker was fun, probably my favourite one of the bunch. After painting all of the bits to all the shakers, I gathered a variety of glitter, metal embellishments and crystals.


I hope you enjoy and I know my friend will have a blast with her girls soaking up the sun and relaxing away from the chaotic world we call life.


Thank you for stopping, be creative!!!


Sand Dollar Shaker

Shell Shaker

Island Shaker

Flip Flops Shaker

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Altered Tea Pot Mixed Media with Creative Embellishments

Welcome back to another alter item post here. I have so many small altered items on my list to make, its just a matter of time to sit down and just get to it. Hopefully with the cooling weather and soon snow will be flying I will be able to split my time between the slopes, work and my “office”.

I picked up this tea pot at an old thrift store, it was missing the inside “guts” and was pretty much non functional. So why not make some art out of it.

I added rice paper to the handle of the tea pot. Using a matte varnish to adhere it down and eventually I will mix the paint to match the handle at the end.

I started with adding some Cracked Brick Stencil and thick black paste to the background. Randomly placing patches on the base of the tea pot. Once dry, ok to be honest, I am very inpatient when it comes to drying things. I either get distracted with something else like, dishes or laundry that I just work right through being carful not to smudge or ruin the paste. But again its mixed media so flaws add to the project.

Here’s a short video of the project.

I then glue down the Brick pieces to both the front and the back of the tea pot, I will have a bigger focal point on the front and smaller on the back. I then add to the blank areas with some crackle paint to add more texture to the background.

I assemble the focal pieces with various metal elements, resins and smaller pearls and bits. Working from bigger in the centre to smaller on the outside and then the fillers.

Through various layers of paint, I blend and match the rice paper I used on the handle of the tea pot. Topping off the final piece with a bit of wax to highlight just a bit more.


Brick Pieces 

Cracked Brick Stencil

Andy Skinner Decoupage Queen Rice Paper

Finnabair Acrylic Paints and Waxes

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Amber Moon Wedding Tags with Creative Embellishments

Welcome back to another post here. I recently had a wedding and needed a card or tag to go with the gift. I love making tags and shabby chic ones at that.  I made a very elegant set Wedding tags made for Creative Embellishments and the Amber Moon Paper collection.

Here is a short video of the creative process.

Is started with a set of base tags and die cut the top layer of each tag. Both for the front and the back. I did a little ink distressing on the edges and used score tape to adhere the layers together.

Once I got the base done, I added a flourish stencil with some 3-D Matte Gel, which will dry clear. Once dry I add a bit of spray over the top to highlight the gel and flourish design.

I love layers the more the layers the better, I grabbed the flourish set 3 along with the Title works Beautiful Day and The Best Things in Life. Using Baked Textured Embossing Powder to match the over look, I added some Sand texture to the flourish’s and a bolder Rocky Road to the Titles.

Once all the embossing is done, I grab the matching flower, die cut elements, stickers and gems. Let the layering commence.

I fill in the smaller spaces with smaller flowers and add a bit of lift with cardboard on the base to have more dimension.

I finish off the tags with a little bit of bling and some dyed seam binding to match the tag and spray I used earlier. Just a beautiful set of wedding tags. Perfect for the fall wedding here in the midwest.

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope your inspired! Happy Crafting.



Flourish set 3

Flourish Stencil

Beautiful Day

The Best Things in Life

Prima Marketing Amber Moon Paper Collection

Baked Textures Rocky Road, Dirty Sand



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