Andy Skinner Journal By Heather Thompson

Here are more journals I promised. I made these for the girls at work. I always have a variety of things laying around. I have chipboard started, tags started, bits and bobs laying around. I had a number of projects started and set aside waiting for more time to finish. Waiting for things to dry and then getting sidetracked on to another project. So I gathered up a variety of products and paints and put together with some heart and soul.

This journal was made with a tag I was working on. I love the colours on the background. Very bold and bright. The large gear is from the Industrial Set. I wrapped some rusty wire around the gear and actually never finished wrapping it. The heart fit perfectly on the gear.

I added some antique paper from the late 1800’s on the background and a discover title on the placard.

Here are a few close-ups of this cover.

I add some background crackle on the base of the journal to match the tag that I never ended up finishing.

This is another journal cover I made with lots of Andy’s industrial elements. The featured element is the “So Call Me Already” and the Industrial shabby tag kit.

Lots of background texture and paste with the Structure Paste. And more rusty elements to make the focal point.

Using the other dial from the “So Call Me Already” set.

And the third journal was made with the Industrial Shabby Tag Kit and Industrial Elements. Same type of background, a thick layer of pastes befrore adding colour. And rust elements with paint.

I added other scrapes and the Call Me Already.

Layers of paints, stamping and shading. Here are a few more close-ups. Enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoy! Stay creative~!

Andy Skinner Industrial Elements

So Call Me Already

Shabby Industrial Tag Set

Mixed Media Pastes/Paints
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Altered Wood Canvas with Creative Embellishments

Hi, Hi, Welcome back to another post. I would love to share with you a fun mixed media project I got to sit down and make. My hubby had given me a variety of scrapes he was going to throw out. I knew I wanted to use the new wood pieces that were in the store. I choose to use the large oval wood decor.

I made a short video of the creative process.

I added a layer of paper to the base of the wood. After letting that dry I added some stamping with the Distress Text Stamp. I wanted to pull more elements from the paper.

Using the Distress Clocks Stencil, I added embossing medium through it and embossing powder, I think I should have used the stamp pad instead of the dabber. It got a little gunky. But I knew I was going to cover most of it up so I wasnt too worked up about it.

I added some thick texture with some sand paste and the Harlequin Stencil. Because it was so thick, I had to set it aside for awhile and move onto something else while I waited.

I took the Small Gears Set and the Gear Clusters along with the goodies from the DH. I added a fine sand texture to all of them and let them dry before painting a rust effect with acrylics.

Once everything was dry,  this is were the fun begins, I start to build up the focal points  with the chipboard, metal pieces and little bits and bobs I have laying around.

Once the front is finished, I begin work on the back with patching together old, I mean old (1870’s) paper from old medical publications and books. I cover with a thick layer of crackle glaze and set aside to dry. Once it is all dry I age it with some “dirty wash” paint.

I hope you enjoy the project today, I really had fun making this one. Stay creative and thanks for stopping by!


Oval Home Decor

Harlequin Stencil

Distress Type Stamp

Gear Set Small 2

Clocks Stencil

Gear Clusters

Andy Skinner Artist Pigment Paint Payne’s Grey

Andy Skinner Artist Pigment Paint Raw Umber

Andy Skinner Super Matte Varnish

Finnabair Texture Paste, Embellishments and Wax


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Gift Bag and Tag~Creative Embellishments

Welcome back. TodayI would love to share a gift bag and tag set I made for a dear friend who is getting married. I received her bridal shower invite in the mail and new I wanted to make something to match. I started with a gift bag. I just grabbed something out of my stash.

I wanted to add something to the bag to make it more than just a bag. So I added a pocket to add the tag right on the bag.

Here is a short video of the creative process. I hope this inspires you.

I did some background work starting with the distress script stamp. Randomly stamping on the background. I then used the medallion Stencil and some glossy gel medium. Unsure if I want to add more spray or not, the gel should make a resist on the bag if I use the spray.

I did use the spray but very lightly and in splashes, matching the background.

I started to build up the background and the flower clusters, I used the Flourish 9 and the Distress clock pieces and added embossing powder. I built up starting with sisel and extra paper scrapes.

I added the chipboard along with flowers and resist pieces to each of the clusters.

I move on the making the tag. Using a tag fro the Tags set 1, I add paper to both sides. Before adding a layers of scraps to the tag. On the bag of the tag, I add a gift card envelope, so I can tuck in a gift card along with the gift.

I hope you enjoy the project today. I love how it gives a little more than just a gift bag.


Flourish 9

Distress Clocks

Medallion Stencil

Distress Script Stamp

Tags Set 1

Craft Box UK

I Dream of Spring Paper Collection

Lindy’s Gang Embossing Powder

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March Challenge Creative Embellishments

Hello, everyone, I would love to share my take on the monthly challenge here at Creative Embellishments. I love doing sketch challenges. They can really get the creative juices flowing, and the twists really make you get crazy creative! I have been wanting to scrap these photos of our last trip over seas. And the Blues from the paper were perfect to match the photos. I started with some texture on the background, the paper added a abundance so I didn’t want to cover it up too much. I added a little crackle paste with the Flourish Stencil 3.   I build up the background with more texture from ribbons and burlap. I took the tag shapes from the sketch and used various tags from the Tags Set 1, adding vintage paper from the late 1800’s.  I actually got the books on this particular trip with Laneen. After building up the background, I used the Rectangular Stitched Frame to frame the photos, instead of three separate ones in the sketch. I added flowers, resin and metal embellishments to each of the flower clusters. I topped off the whole layout with the Best Things Title. Enjoy the creative video below and I look forward to the entries this month.



Here is the video of the creative process.

Tags Set 1

Square Stitched Frame

Flourish Stencil 3

The Best Things in Life Title

Stamperia Blues


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Farm Journal Creative Embellishments

Welcome back, Today I would love to share a journal I made for my good friend Sam. She wanted to make something for her uncle, he used to farm with his wife and that was the theme she wanted to go with. It worked perfect because there are so many farm themed items in the store.

I made a video of the creative process. Enjoy.

I love the rust pastes and the chipboard handles the pastes and moisture perfectly. I did start with some background work with the Harlequin Stencil. After finishing up with that, I used the flag from the Independence Stencil.

After drying the pastes, I started to build up the focal points. Seeing the journal needed to be functional, I knew the back cover needed to be flat. I used the cornstalks to add that farm feel to heading out to check on the crops.

 I wanted to add the windmill and fence, what else works better than the barbed wire fence to help keep the farm critters from getting out.

After adding bits from the Garden Tools Set, I added a little love with other metal embellishments, buttons and beads.

Once I had everything placed and dried for the most part, I layer various layers of rust pastes. Starting with the lighter colours and moving to the browns and rusts.

I finished it all off with some dry brushing of some brass to help highlight the background textures.

I hope you enjoyed the creative process. I know my friend Sam loves the journal. I hope her Uncle likes it as well. Thanks for stopping by today! Stay Creative.


Independence Day Stencil

Harlequin Stencil

Garden Tools Wood Chipboard


Cornstalks Set of 3

Barbed Wire Fence

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Home Decor Bicycle Wheel Creative Embellishments

Just in time to share another fun project I made with the score from the rummage sale, I scored an antique bicycle. I have been looking for one for a while. But it had to be the right price. I didn’t want to spend too much money because I new I was going to be tearing it apart. Ok, Adam was going to be tearing it apart. I new I wanted to the frame of the bike for my gardens. But the two tires I knew I was going to alter each of the wheels.

I made a short video of the creative process. I value your time and try and keep these short, I feel you can watch more videos if there are shorter verses one long video.

Using the home decor Welcome wood element, I started with the base colour, knowing I needed to layer the paint and put resist paste between the two layers. I did two coats of paint with the Teal Hue. After drying I added sporatic areas of resist paste before adding the white paint over.

Once dry, I heat set the wood piece and wipe away the area of the resist pastes. This gives it the vintage, distressed look.

I heat emboss the flourish 26 pieces, both sides and the ornate pieces in a different colour. I make a simple flower arrangement with pearls and flower swags and fill in with the flourish pieces though out. Weaving ribbon through the arrangement as well.

I hope you enjoy, I still have one more bicycle tire left to play with, Maybe keep your eyes open for that inspiration. Thank you for stopping by today! Enjoy and be creative.



Ornate Pieces

Flourish set 26

Welcome Home Decor Wood Pieces

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Creative Embellishments February Challenge Black N White

Hello all. Welcome back to another monthly challenge. I look forward to a better year this year with more creativity.

Here is the inspirational photo to get you going.

Here is the creative video:

Enjoy the close-ups.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you enjoy!


Larger Flourish Corner

Floral Frame Large


Frond Set

7 Dots Studio Cold County Lost Letter, Word Stickers, 6×6 Paper Pack

7 Dots Studio Writers Block Tags

Prima Marketing Inc

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Choose to Shine Altered Tag Creative Embellishments

Hello everyone, welcome back to another interesting project. Today I would love to share a altered tag I made. This little gadget I picked up while out at some rummage sales with my friend Sam. We hit the jackpot that day. Look forward to some more altered art that we picked up, but today I will show you an altered tag I made with the large wooden tag from the store and a vintage Calibration tool that was in mint condition.

Here is the short video of the creative process.

I new I was going to paint this project, Using Andy’s acrylic paints, I started with the Rivet Stencil on the plain background. I didn’t want to do too much with the background so I didn’t add any other textures or pastes.

Using the rivet pieces I sporatically placed them on the background. Then I set this piece aside for about 3 weeks. Crazy how work and Covid gets in the way of my fun and relaxing thing in my life. I Knew I was getting a few days off so I got it out again and felt it just needed something, so I added more mechanical pieces in the background as well.

I did a base colour of Burnt Umber and then alternated between Quinn Gold and Yellow Iron Oxide, diluting it with water to make the paint more fluid. When I got the desired look I was striving for I moved on to the light bulb.

I wanted to get the light bulb effect, so I added liquid glass to the inside of the bulb, After it was dry enough to remove from the wax paper, I took a fine brush and painted it. I like the look and how it turned out, it looks like an old Edison bulb.

I glued it all down and used some Payne’s grey to add the finishing touches on the tag.

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed the tag! Look forward to more home decor projects to come.




Large Home Decor Tag


Rivet Stencil


Mechanical Parts

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Holiday Shaker Cards with Creative Embellishments

I love all the variety of shakers that are in the store. I decided to have a bigger post today featuring some special shaker holiday cards. I made these for the girls at work. Each one made with love and personalised for each of them. I painted each one of these before assembling them all with the various layers and adding the bits and bobs.

I started with the Gnome Shaker card. Made for Laura, She loves gnomes so she is so easy to shop for.

I didn’t make a video for this one, I just stat and painted not thinking about the happenings of the world. I painted and layered.

The second card is the skunk shaker cared, my good friend Shannon has a pet skunk, Podrick, so cute and snuggle. He is so cute, So when the skunk shaker popped up in the store, I new I had to make one.

I made my favourite pama-llama the llama shaker, perfect, I added the threes and bits and bobs to make if festive. I added some background with the stars stencil.

I switched up the paper collection with the other two shakers, I went with a winters purple Northern Lights and added the unicorn Shaker for my good friend Sam. There’s a story behind the unicorns but She does collect them. I painted a simple main for the unicorn.

The last card is the snowflake shaker.. This one is perfect for the time of the season. I kept the same paper collection and added the fun matching bits to the snowflake after I assembled. A little bit of flowers and top it all off with some glitter and snow and how festive is that? Perfect.

Here are a few close-ups.

I hope you enjoy! Happy Creating and thank you for stopping!


Unicorn Shaker

Llama Shaker

Skunk Shaker

Snowflake Shaker

Gnome Shaker

Fancy Dust Stencil

Twinkle Star Stencil

7 Dots Studio Northern Lights 6×6 paper pack, Northern Lights Tags, Northern Lights Word Stickers, Northen Lights Die-Cut Elements Northen Lights Sticker Elements

7 Dots Studio Yuletide 6×6 Collection

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“Sweetheart” Mixed Media Layout Creative Embellishments January Challenge

Hello all, welcome to 2021, I welcome the new year of new beginnings, new plans and lots of creativity. I am greatful for the new year to come.

I would love to share my project based off of the new challenge this month. The twist is to add lace or material. I had this huge applicae lace piece I have been wanted to use and this page was going to be the project to use it on. I started with the background, started with some stamping with the distress text stamp and the distress patterned stencil. I split up the paper and used the Greek key patterns stencil on the other half. Using the sunflower boarder and corner pieces. I painted with spray and filled them into the composition. I finished the project off with the best friends boarder chipboard.

I made a short video of the process. I hope you enjoy

Here is the inspirational photo to help get the creativity flowing.

I was rather pleased at how this page came together. I have be trying to get ahead of things because I dont know where each day will take me and I have so many photos I want to scrape. I threw a bunch of supplies out on my table and let the creative just flow.

Using flowers and paper die-cuts, I fill in around the sunflower corner pieces, and cut apart the boarder to make more pieces to fill in the holes.

I filled in the remainder with the die cut pieces and the other pieces I cut out of the journaling cards.

Such a pretty girl.




Sunflower Boarder

Sunflower Corner Set

Best Friends Boarder

Greek Keys Pattern Stencil

Distress Patterns Stencil

Distress Type Stamp


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