Gears Wall Hanging

Welcome back to another blog post with a fun gear filled wall hanging. If you can imagine what is on my desk you will know I always have a variety of gears just laying about. I either left a project in a hurry or threw away the packaging. So with this project I figured I would pull a Yasmin and create with what’s around me. The only thing I pulled out was the large 12″ gear 2.

Here is a short video of the creative process, its essential building up the gears and then layers of paint to get the desired effect of rust and patina.

After fulling the Large 12″ Gear out I used the Large Gear Frames as the next layer building from bigger to smaller.

I have a variety of gears anywhere from Gears Set 5  2″ down to gears 1 on my desk. Along with some other bits and bobs. So I just started to layer those along g with digging some chain out of my stash to make the wall piece look like it actually does move the chain.

After I added a few clusters of the gears and chain, I picked my favourite paint combo of Quinnacridone Gold, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide and Burnt Umber. Add a squirt of water here and there and its the perfect blending combo to get that rusty industrial feel to a project.

I hope you enjoy the project today. Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy the craftiness.


Large 12 inch Gear

Gear Set 5 – 2 inch

Large Gears Frames

Large Gears Set 

Gears 1



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Altered Telephone

Hello all, I have another fun project to share today, I have had this telephone for some time. Just waiting to be put to good use. Today I decided to alter it a bit. And sometimes, it is true, when less is more. Now I think I am done for now with this project but sometimes the longer I look at something the more I think I may need to add something to it. We will see how that goes once it is up on my self for a bit.

I started out with some decoupaging rice paper on the phone, This was a bit planned. I used Andy’s rice papers and I only had one of each, so I found two that somewhat matched.

Once the rice paper was dry, it was a matter of finding the right ATC coin to fit the theme. I did end up going the the numbers from the steampunk ATC set and the punchinello from the Shapes ATC set.

I cut the ATC’s to size and glued them on to get the fit right on the phone. matching numbers on the receiver and the punchinello on the numbers dial.

Using the Distress Patterns Stencil, I added the small circles on the frame of the telephone and the receiver.

Once everything was dry, I did some light layers of paint and distressing to blend the piece better. I would say a fine addition to my altered art.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoy the project.


Shape Artist Trading Coins 

Steampunk Artist Trading Coins

Distress Patterns Stencil

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Great ideas industrial tags

Welcome back to another blog post, work has been crazy and we are now getting chickens and goats. The weather has been gorgeous, so I have been trying to get as many chores done as I can. I found a little time one morning to create a set of tags for a coworker transitioning jobs.

This is a set of tags. I chose to use an industreial paper pack and mess around with e some background techniques. Once i adhered the paper to the tag a quick layer of clear gesso. I then started with the distressed checkered stencil and a liberal layer of crackle paint. Once that dried i used the distressed grid stencil and a metallic modelling paste randomly on the background.

Once the pastes were dry i used lindys spray to blend a and enhance the crackle paste. Using the great ideas light bulbs and paper clip chipboard i gathered a variety of embossing powders.

I embossed the light bulbs and paper clips and gathered other medal embellishments before starting the layering process,.

I cut a few scraps of paper and ink distressed the edges, and start to layer. I add burlap, the chipboard and a wooden ruler to each tag.

Once everything was glued down I dyed seam binding to match the tags. A perfect tag set in the industrial style. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for stopping by. Happy crafting.


Distressed grid stencil

Distressed checkered stencil

Great ideas light bulbs

Paper clips

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Tripanel Card

Hello again, Welcome back to another to another project. today I would like to share a trifold card I made out of the Triptych 2 chipboard.  I wanted a bigger card that can have more sentiments on it.

Using athletic tape to adhere each of the panels together, I used score tape to attach the paper that I picked. I measure each of the panels and cut to width and then simple edged the arch with a knife.

Once I adhered the paper to both sides. Matching the background colour and ink, I  added a little stamping with the distress crackle stamp. Just randomly with no rhyme or reason.

I needed to have a title. But because of the size of the project, I wanted to have it portioned. I tried a number of phrases and ended up going with the Live in the Moment Phrase.  I used a multi-coloured embossing powder and heat set it.

I wanted a closure on the front. So I dug in my stash and found a clasp and a number of metal embellishments. I got the clasp lined up pretty well and then added two small slusters on both sides of the Triptych 2. I added a little texture with the Fishnet stencil and some crackle paint on the background.

I used the same embossing powder on the mini ornate flourishes and then added to the paper layers, ribbon and flower clusters.

This panel has lots of room to add sentiments from lots of friends. I really enjoy how this turned out.


Thank you for stopping by today. Happy Crafting


Fishnet Stencil

Distress Crackle Stamp

Triptych 2

Mini Ornate Flourishes

Live in the Moment Phrase

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Altered Hand Saw

Hello all I would love to share a little bit of mixed media today. I love old tools and just things old in general. I have a large number of rustic looking items in my house. I find things and alter them for more rustic, more grundgy or more industrial. All depending on the mood and the item.

There was a bit of rust already on this piece. But I knew I wanted to add more gears and metal pieces. I picked a gear from the gear album and then grabbed the next biggest set of gears from the store.
I layered the various sized gears and layer a little pipe work from the pipe works set.
I also used small 1 in he gears and dug out my stash of metal object to layer on top of the chipboard.
Using the Gears Corner piece, I cut it to fit the handle. And did a little more layering before the painting process began.

So painting was just a combo of my favourite rust paints. Quinn Gold, transparent yellow iron oxide, burnt umber. Topped off with a few layers of titan buff black and some cool alt blue to get the patina effect. Watch for my YouTube channel for the creative video in the next few days.

I hope you enjoy the project and watch for more altered rejects in the future. Thank you for stopping by.


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Mixed Media Layout “Soak Up the Sun”

Hello all, Today I would love to share a fun mixed media layout I made of our recent adventures to Las Vegas for my birthday, just a quiet and low key get-a-way. Lots of pool side and a nice dinner at a beautiful Italian restaurant. A little bit of Freidmont to take Maksim  Ziplining, and checking out the beautiful hotels and Malls.

I started out with picking the paper and a background panel. I picked the Maze thinking I was going to cut it apart. This turned out better than I envisioned it was going to.

Starting on the background prepping the paper with clear gesso and starting on some stencilling with the Greek Key Pattern Stencil. I added the paste and set aside to dry. I added a little spray to make it pop a little. It was so humid this day, it took, forever to dry.


Using the Maze Panel, I added embossing powder and while it was heating I sprinkled a contrasting colour and took a food skewer and scraped the panel to add a little texture to it.



After some piecing the Maze Panel on the page, and a few layers of paper, I took the Infinite Rectangle Frame, heat embossed it white to add some boldness to the page and framed the pool side photo. A few flowers and some word stickers to finish off the memories.


Thank you for stopping by today and sharing one of my birthday memories. Hope you getting some crafting on! I will be working on some videos this weekend.


Greek Key Pattern Stencil

Maze Panel

Infinite Rectangle Frame

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My Fragile Heart

Andy Skinner New Rice Paper Release

Welcome back to another post here. Today I am sharing a canvas I made with Andy’s new Rice Papers released in collaboration with Decoupage Queen. These rice papers are amazing and they come in a selection of different sizes and designs. There are 10 new designs and various sizes. Now on to my project.

I would love to share a project I made with the Raven Returns Rice paper.

This canvas was made with so much thoughts and emotions. I have this old rusty heart locket, missing the key, but in the shape of a heart. The key forever will be lost. The locket forever will be locked and safe from heart break and disappointment from here on forward. The heart surrounding the locket, cracked and damaged from years of wear, tear and abuse. Always giving and prioritising others before it’s own.

Here is the creative video:

I started the background on a reverse canvas, then realised I really didn’t like it. It was not calling to me. I flipped the canvas over and painted over what had seeped through on my first attempt. Then using the Ultra Matte Varnish, I adhered the Raven Returns Rice paper to the canvas.

I used a variety of paints and stamps on the background. I started with the he Cracked Up Stamp, and topping it off with the Burlap Stamp from Creative Embellishments. I really didn’t need to do much blending on the background the Rice Papers are so detailed and amazing that very little is needed. I did do some shading with some Quinn Gold and Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide.

I used a variety of Andy Skinner’s Paints to blend and layer the heart with along with a crackle medium. Blending Primary Magenta with Paynes Grey to get the burgundy colour, and topping it off with some Quinn Gold to add some rust to it.

Olivia found a piece of rusty metal on our last family vacation, I decided to layer the rusted metal over the Large Heart and glue the heart locket over the Raven on the Rice paper.

Using some Chevron Pieces from CE, I added a texture and then Used Andy’s combo of Quinn Gold, Burnt Umber and Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide to Rust them up a bit.

I hope you enjoy the project and dont forget to check out all the amazing New Rice Papers from Andy Skinner and Decoupage Queen.



Decoupage Queen Andy Skinner Raven Returns Rice Paper

CE Cracked Up Stamp

CE Andy Skinner Quinnacrodone Gold Paint

CE Andy Skinner Paynes Grey Paint

CE Andy Skinner Transparent Iron Oxide

CE Andy Skinner Burnt Umber

CE Andy Skinner Ultra Matte Varnish

Creative Embellishments: Chevron Pieces, Burlap Stamp, Large Heart

Tando Creative Fragile Stencil

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Patriotic Tags with Creative Embellishments

Welcome back to another post here.

Today I would love to share a set of tags made for the upcoming holiday, the 4th of July. These were fun to make and the weather has been perfect to creative outside. A little breezy, but still gorgeous, 30C. Lucky at my house there is always a breeze so no matter how hot it is, it is still comfortable to create. So the video is a little different that normal.

Here is the tag set. I started with two larger tags from the oval tags set and tags set 6 and used my sticker maker to add adhesive to the top of the tag. Using a water colour paper, I add a quick layer of water before adding the red and blue spray and mica powder.

Here is a short video of the process.

Once the background is done, I do finish if out with a fixative so the sprays done “bleed” if I add other mediums. Using the Small Stars Stencil and the Independence Day Stencil, I add a background to each of the tags.

After the background is done, I start working on the Patriot Stars and Fireworks 2. Using the same sprays and mica powder to add colour.

I finished off the tags with words from the Independence Word Set and used with white paint to add to the words to give them colour. I added the flowers and topped of each of the tags with some Vintage Patriotic Flair.

I hope you enjoyed the project today and looking forward to a Happy Independence day to you all!!! thank you for stopping by today.


Oval Tags Set

Tags Set 6

Independence Stencil

Small Stars Stencil

Independence’s Word Set

Patriotic Stars

Fireworks 2

Vintage Patriotic Flair

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Mixed Media Layout Capture Photos

Welcome back to another post here. Today I would love to share a fun mixed media layered layout I made for Creative Embellishments. This is a page made with a numb er of elements from the store. lots of layers, lots of paper elements and some photos made from our Nebraska trip a few years ago.

Here is a short video of the creative process.

I used the large wood numbers from the store. I’ve had these for another project and decided not to use them there. I have this paper from 7 Dots with numbers and words and wanted to incorporated them into the page. I also wanted to incorporate the Flies from the Bugs Set to match the paper.

Prepping the background with clear gesso, I started with the Ledger stencil and some black pastes. Once dried, I mixed some white paste along with some mica powder to get the brown paste. Then I spread it through the Rivet Stencil and set it all aside to dry.

I picked a number of paper elements along with the Plus Signs. I ink embossed all the edges. I added an adhesive to the Large wood numbers and then adhered some paper I got from my friend Laneen from Holland. I sanded the edges of the numbers to trim the paper and then ink distressed all of the other elements.

Once everything was distressed, I just started to layer all of the elements on the page. Once all glued down I added some shadows with a water colour pencil around the edges.

I hope you enjoy the page. It’s been awhile since I have scraped some of my favourite memories.

Thank you for stopping by today.


Plus Signs

Large Wood Numbers

Ledger Stencil 

Rivet Stencil


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Shabby Chic Card and Tag Set

Welcome back, with summer being my must outside time I have such little time for crafting. All of my crafting and daily adventures or misadventures are all weather dependant. I have 8 projects outside going on butI look forward to the rainy cooler days to sit in my craft room and create. I needed a card for a gal oat work. I took out some older paper, I am on a mission to use up some older product.

I made the base of the card and using the Tags Set 1 I used adhesive on both sides and added a layer of background paper.

One quick layer of clear gesso and some thick paste through the  Damask Stencil. I pulled from the layer paper the Damask. I grabbed the Filigree Scroll Set and some matching spray. I sprayed the background paper to lighten the bold white paste and painted the colour on the flourish and set aside to dry while I dug out my flower stash. And older they are 2012 to be exact.

A little bit of layering with paper and the flourish, a few smaller flowers inbetween and some metal embellishments. Glue it all together and set it aside to dry. Not a bad little card and tag set.

No video today. But next time. Thank you for stopping by have a great weekend and enjoy the warming weather.



Filigree Scroll Set

Tags Set 1

Damask Stencil 


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