Ace of Spades Andy Skinner


A new fun little project trying out the new release of stamps and paints. When I open the package of the new stamps and saw the Ace of Skulls, I knew I had  to use the big deck of cards from my friend Laneen. Andy Skinner Ace of Spades

I started with some background stamping with the new cracked up stamp and the smashed glass stamp. I did make a short video of the creative process with the products.

When I last jumped the pond, I picked up a bunch of tid-bits  I love these little arches, and I felt the card was too flat and it added some lift with them, and  had a larger arch I used on more of the background. I did some stamping with the Create stamp and a little distressing of the arches with the Resist Paste.

I stamped the focal Ace of Skulls and regular card stock, added a quick layer of varnish before painting a few fine details. A little dirty wash with a mix of quin gold, paynes and yellow iron oxide before one final seal of varnish again.

Using the Quick Dry Glue and the name says it all, its quick and it is tough, I added my layered arches to the card.

I altered the back of the card with a mix of Quin Gold and Yellow Iron Oxide. and some dry brushing, this is the back of the card so I didn’t go too crazy with it.

I really enjoy the new product. Thank you for stopping by today! Heather Supplies: Stamps

black and white head shot


Mixed Media Pastes/Paints
Straight Edged Arches


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Aromatherapy Gift Packages Creative Embellishment and Rinea Foils

Hello all, I have a fun little gift package I made with the Rinea Foils as we continue our month long collaboration. I found these cute little aromatherapy tins and thought how cute these would be for gifts. I picked up some lip gloss and packaged them up with some card-stock, foils and chipboard.

CE Gifts

Here is a short video of the creative process. These were easy, quick and fun projects.

CE Gifts 2

I picked out the black foils from the Gold/Ebony/Ruby and Mocha/Copper/Ebony Packs and ran them through my big shot. After I cut them to the appropriate size, I used a Interference Fluid Mediums to add a shimmer to the background.  I watered them down and sprayed on the background.

CE Gifts 3

Using the Washi Tape Chipboard, I painted with a layer of black gesso before adding different colours of interference. To lighten the boldness, I dilute with a little touch of water.

CE Gifts 4

I used the Distress Grid Pieces in the same fashion to alter the a few of the other gift packages. I love the effect the interference has with the black background.

CE Gifts 8

I finished off each package with a little bit of Butterfly Flair or Flyaway Flair. Nothing to much or too over the top, considering these are just gift packages. Quick and easy and made with some love.

CE Gifts 7

Another close-up for you.

CE Gifts 6

Thank you so much for stopping by, Be Healthily and Safe!!!!

Creative Embellishments

Distress Grid Pieces

Washi Tape Clusters

Butterfly Flair

Flyaway Flair

Rinea Magical Variety Pack Gold/Ebony/Ruby

Rinea Magical Variety Pack Mocha/Copper/Ebony

Petaloo Flowers

DecoArt Medium Interference Turquoise, Blue, Magenta, Gold

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Altered Wash Board

Hello everyone, I would love to share a project that I made a while ago, I made this altered washboard for my kitchen. I love playing and altering unique items. I always have my eyes open for fun, unique pieces at thrift shops, yard sales, and antique stores.


I made a short vidoe of the creative process.


I go for walks in my “neighborhood” and  I am always looking in the ditches and on the side of the road for good finds, I actually added a few pieces of scraps I found on the road.


Here are a few close-ups.




Thank you for Stopping by and your continued support.

head shot 1



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Andy Skinner Ring Binder

Welcome to another mixed media project for Andy Skinner. 

This is a mini album I made for Andy. We always have such a great time when we get together with Andy, either its jumping the pond or here on our turf. And I think it is great how much love of life is in the air when Andy is around. I love the books from Tando. This was a little bit of grunge and a lot of texture. I will spare you the inside photos. (Some could be used for blackmail, lol). They will come out when least expected. Andy Skinner Ring Binder There is always a lot of blending and texture when I work on Andy’s projects. I enjoy getting lost in the pigments and the brush strokes. Using various elements from the industrial elements set and Di’s textured shapes, I did layered the background up with all of my favourite crackle and rust. Between the gears which is very Andy and the heart which is really how we all feel about him, I wanted something that came from the heart. Between the texture glaze and crackle paint, I love the aged, vintage look the book took. And you can never go wrong with Quinn Gold and Payne’s Grey for some shading. I wanted a closure that was Andy, Using rusty wire and a nut and bolt from the Industrial Elements Set, I finagled it to work. It just adds to the project. I will give you a little sneak peak of some of the blackmail material I have of Andy. Until the next Andy adventure. Thank you for stopping by. 

downloaddownload (1)download (2)  



black and white head shot



Creative Expressions

Mixed Media Pastes/Paints


Textures 1

Tagtastic 1

Industrial Elements 

France Papillon Tags And Embellishments Kit

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Shabby Chic Banner with Creative Embellishments and Rinea


This month Creative Embellishments is teaming with Rinea Foils to bring some amazing projects this month. And Nicolle has a ton of new products, stencils and stamps in the store. So I got to play and make this fun banner.

Using the Fishtail Banner and the Triangle Banner I originally want to make a Spring Banner, but as I was gathering all my supplies, I ended up transforming into more of a shabby chic Banner.

CE Banner

Here is a short video of the creative process.

CE Banner 1

 I used the new Flourish Stencil 3 and the New Harlequin Stencil on the background. Even though I end up covering most of these up, I Enjoy the fine details of the texture.

CE Banner 2

 After the background was finished, I had choose chipboard that complimented the paper. The background paper had stitches and harlequins in the background so I choose the ZigZag Stitch Boarder and the Distressed Harlequin Pieces.

CE Banner 5

To accentuate the shabbiness of the project, I made the doilies with some matching foils from Rinea, I layered the foils chipboard and fussy cut elements form the paper packs. And then topped some of the banners off with the Mini Dress Forms.

CE Banner 6

I finished up the banner with some dry brushing and some microbeads to fill in the little holes and blend the project better. Each little banner has a inspirational quote to add to the shabby chic feel of the project.



Fishtail Pennant Banner

Triangle Pennant Banner

Mini Dress Forms

Zig Zag Stitch Boarder

Disrtressed Harlequin Prices

Harlequin Stencil

Flourish Stencil 3


Rina Foild: Artist Pack Turquoise/Silver/Sapphire

Artist Pack Gold/Ebony/Ruby

Stamperia Dream 12×12 Collection

Prima Marketing Inc Flowers


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Under the Stars Creative Embellishments

Welcome to another month at Creative Embellishments. This month will have some gorgeous projects and lots of inspiration. This month I did a quick set of mini canvas’s from inspiration of the mood board. I pulled the blues and the greens and the mood board spoke to me in a celestial way. I wanted to play around with a few techniques. I started with making some negative impressions with the Grunge Star Stamp and some modeling paste. I also added a little more texure with the Fairy Dust Stencil. I did make a short video of the creative process. After I added some colours with some spray’s I grabbed some bits and bobs of old sets I had used on other projects, and used the Star Pieces and Constellations to put the cluster together.

CE March Challenge 2020



Here are a few close-ups for your viewing.

CE March Challenge 2020 1

CE March Challenge 2020 7

CE March Challenge 2020 8


Thank you for stopping by today, I look forward to seeing the entries this month.!!!



Star Pieces

Fairy Dust Stencil


Grunge Stars Stamp

Lindy’s Gang Shabby Tux-line Teal, Bachelor Button Blue, Merci Boucoup Mint,

Hydrangea Blue

Prima Marketing Flowers

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Card and Box Set Creative Embellishments


This was a treat to make, Like I said I have been getting a fair number of requests for cards. This one ended up being extra special. The Heather’s (Another gal and I) wanted to celebrate for the holidays on our weekend, so we planned a little party. It was turely a hit!

work xmas

Later that night/morning, I was asked to make a card by a co-worker for her friend, It was just before Christmas so I though it might be a Christmas card. But Barb said her friend liked lilies and it was a short notice piece, she needed it on Monday and this was Saturday am right after working a 12 1/2 hour night shift. I am always up for a good challenge and I tend to work better with a little pressure, so this card evolved pretty fast.

Your the Best Card.jpg

Here is a short video of the creative process.


So I made this card, I started like I normally do, a little background stamping with the Distress Script Stamp. Instead of the ink I used Embossing Powder this time. I was going bold and bright with the reds.

youre the Best

I added paste through the Flourish Stencil 1 and set aside. I move onto the Flourish 9 Chipboard. I decide to blend with some embossing powder, I add the base colour and then while still heating I add the white and take a pin and blend and swirl the powder together. It adds to the elegance of the chipboard.

your the Best 1

I add brown embossing powder to the name plate and start to build the card up with flowers and dried cinnamon sticks and seed pods.

youre the Best 5

Because I knew this card was not going in the mail, I made a matching gift box for it. Using the other flourish I make a flower cluster on the cover. Beautifully matched to the card. I was actually pleased how fast and well this set came together seeing I was on a time constraint.

And on to the best part of the whole set, I drop the card off at work Sunday night of that weekend,  and the plan was to meet the girls for breakfast in the am. So I showed up to breakfast, to the beautiful red card titled “You’re the Best”, a stunning wine and cheese basket and a magnificent silk flower arrangement. All the girls signed it wit such sweet sentiments. I cried and cried again. It was so special, and sneaky and a surprise. lol. And Barb laughed when she tried to pay me for the card. I told her to tip the girls at the coffee shop. It was a good laugh and such a sweet surprise, they really know how to make a girl feel loved.

Thank you Adora, Pam, Barb, Erin, Tianneke, Shannon, Heather and Jennah.

IMG_5940 (1)



Creative Embellishments

Flourish 9

Name Plates

Distress Script Stamp

Flourish Stencil 1

Stamping Up Simply Wonderful

Maja Design Summertime in the Garden Winding my Hair, Let’s go for a ride, Smell the Roses, Flowers Everywhere,

Lindy;s Gang: Cuckoo Clock Cardinal, Bratwurst Brown, Purely White.


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The Sea Mixed Media Tag Nomadic Soul Diaries

Welcome back to another challenge with Nomadic Soul Diaries. This year is all new. new Challenges new sponsors and tons of creativity. New mood boards and more artists to help get those creative juices flowing.

Feb Tag NSD Square.jpg


Nomadic Soul Diaries

Here is the inspirational mood board for February, every month a different challenge, different colour scheme and the creative words for the inspiration.


I made a short video of the creative process.

Here are a few close-ups.

Feb Tag NSD 9


Feb Tag NSD 6

Feb Tag NSD 2

Feb Tag NSD 1

Feb Tag NSD

Thank you for stopping by, happy creating.



Creative Embellishments


Relics & Artifacts


Prima Marketing

Craftbox UK

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CE Sands of Time Card and Tag

I have been on a kick with the cards and tags lately. I have had a number of requests for specific cards. This is another set I made for a co-worker. Lots of texture on this collection. 

Sands of Time Card.jpg

Here is a short video of the creative process. Enjoy!


I started with the background with some subtle stamping with the distress text stamp.  I used the Distress Patterns Stencil and pulled the squares from the top paper and incorporated them with the background. I changed up the stencil on the next layer. I added a little blending with some sprays.

Sands of Time Close-up

I love using dry wall tape and i think it adds a different type of texture than with just the pastes.

Sands of Time Close-up 2

Using the Sands of Time  and the Live in the Moment  for the titles I think about the layering process, I use the two corner chipboard and paint spray on all of them. This gives it a shimmer that is irresistible.

Live in the Moment Tag

Live in the Moment Tag 2

I finish off the layers with ribbon, paper and top it all off with the title. I like to soften the look of the set so I dry brush with white paint to get the effect.

Live in the Moment Tag 1

Thank you for stopping by today, Enjoy and be creative.



Creative Embellishments:

Grunge Corner

Distress Patterns Stencil

Square Corner Collage

Distress Script Stamp

Distress Grid Stencil

Sands of Time

Live in the Moment

Riddersholm Designs:

Tailgate Marked Airborne

Tailgate Marked My Street

Talegate Poppy

Lindy’s Gang


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With Love Tag February Challenge Creative Embellishments

A new month and another new challenge. I have made a fun variation of a tag. I have a co-worker that is getting married and the month of February is always the month of Love. The twist is to add flowers this month, now I can do that.

I did start with the tag with some background stamping and texture, and I wanted it to be bold, So I used black modeling paste with the distress patterns stencil. Using various chipboards, I added layers with in the papers and chipboard. I used sprays and added some colour to the Hearts Panel. And Hearts just got a thick coat of just black spray. The fun thing about this tag is I actually have a gift card on the back of it for the bride and groom. So with the remainder of the chipboard along with some Fern Foliage filled in the back flower cluster. I added the With Love Title.

Shabby Tag .jpg

Here is the back of the tag. A nice little envelope to put a gift card in it for the bride and groom.

Shabby Tag 4

Here is the inspirational board and the twist again if to put flowers on your project. That is usually pretty easy for me to accomplish.


Enjoy the creative video of how this all came together.

Here are a few close-ups for you.

Shabby Tag 1

Shabby Tag 7

Shabby Tag 2

I look forward to seeing the creativity this month. Thank you for stopping by.




Hearts Panel 2

With Love Title

Fern Foliage

Hearts Stamp

Distress Grid Stamp 

Distress Patterns Stencil

Distress Circle Stamp

Lindy’s Gang:

Bougaivillea Fuchsia

Aloha Avacado

Blazing Black

Pretty in Pink Pink

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