“The Virus” Mixed Media Layout Creative Embellishments

This post will particularly hit home with me. I’ve been around long enough to have gone through H1N1, SARS, MERS, and Ebola to name a few.  But I have lived Covid since the beginning. We were learning from New York, we were preparing, practicing, and teaching other staff for when it hit us hard. It was always changing, every day, such a fluid situation. We were covering extra shifts, changing our normal ways of how we “used to” do things. We were entering into the “new norm” and lived in a state of hypervigilant with personal space, safety, exposures and masks.

Adam and I talked long and hard about how we would handle and deal with everything that was going on in the world. We both came to the conclusion that we could keep the kids safe, but my nursing had to be the number 1 priority during this time. We would pull the kids from school because I could make sure I stayed safe at work. I could take all the precautions, shower before coming home, bag my clothes, and all of the other precautions. We needed that safe haven. Our house was going to be that. So I needed to stay healthy because that is were I was going to be needed most.

So this page brings me so many emotions.

I started with the background, this photo is a pic of the mask initiative my work put on. I started with my normal background techniques with stamping and pastes. Using the  Distress Circle Stamp and the Distress Hexagon Stamp switching up the colours to pull out colours from the paper collections.

Using the Hexagon Bokeh Stencil, I added a few fun pastes to the background. This really made the background vibrant.

Moving on to the Virus, I started with a base coat of white before adding some blending from fluid acrylics to blend what I think the virus looks like. After they were all painted I added some of the fun Galaxy Glaze to the top of them to add to it. I did the same thing to the Pandemic Hashtags.


After the detailing was done on the background and chipboard it was just a matter of putting it all together. I did various positioning of the papers, layers, flowers or no flowers. This is another layout I chose not to use flowers on it.

I think it gets the over all effect of the page. This page will remind me of so many things.

I did make a video of the creative process. Not too many techniques but so many emotions.

In the end Covid has made me a better nurse. I have changed and evolved through this whole process. I still have so many emotions, many that I need to work through, I have lost friends based on differences of opinions. The family time is way different, maybe a bit of PTSD. But there also is the positives. There are the new traditions, new adventures, We did things we would have never done before, new memories, and a new perspective on the value of how life is truly shorter than you realise and you need to embrace each and every day. Enjoy and treasure each and every day.

Thank you for stopping by today and enjoy the creative process. Be safe and healthy.


Distress Circles Stamp

Distress Hexagon Stamp


Pandemic Hashtags

Hexagon Bokeh Stencil

7 Dots Studio Hazy Days Zip, Element Stickers, Die Cute Elements, Tags

Craft Box UK Galaxy Soufflé, Mixed Media Crystal Glaze Aquamarine, Blue Glaze.

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Wild Man Mixed Media Layout Creative Embellishments

This month I have had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my good friend Maggi. And just to get away, I was suppose to go to a bachelorette party but things change, and life is meant to be flexible and understanding. So I told the bride, not this time. I am there for bail money and I am going to take a step back from the young fun and just hang low at maggi’s. I am just a phone call away for bail money. I have been working so much, I just needed some time to create. My list is outrageous what I want to get some of it done. This project has been on my list for a while. Maksim is a great soccer player, I take my good camera and out of the 3000 photos I usually get about 12 that are good.

I started with some totally boy paper and I stamping the background with the distress checkered stamp and the chevron stamp. The moving on to the background with the newer mini square stencil, I put a bold black paste over portions of the stamping. I am also trying to use up some pastes before they get hard. That is my pet peeve on that. I topped it off with the metal stencil, with a contrasting bold white crackle paste.

I laid out the papers, after the background was done, I tryuely felt like it was missing something so I grabbed a few full panels and figured I would layer them in there to pop the page more. I added the Punchinello Circle to the background. I painted it black and added some wax to the top of it.

I cut out elements of the paper pack and picked out some wood chipboard soccer balls. I quickly hand painted them and set them aside to fit in to the project.

Once Everything was set out and placed I just glued it all down. I sporadically added the soccer balls on the page. I made sure I ink distressed the edges on the project.

I tried to incorporated the soccer flair and sports flair into the piece.

Please watch for the video to come, I have some catching up to do on making some videos.

Updated: Here is the video: Finally got to get some computer work done. Enjoy:

Thank you for stopping by today. Enjoy your crafty time.



Punchinella Circle

Boy Wordset

Wood Soccer Balls

Soccer Flair

Metal Stencil

Small Square Stencil

Distress chevron Stamp

Distressed Checkered Stamp

Ciao Bella Start Your Engines


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June Challenge Creative Embellishments

Welcome to June, where has the time gone, spring was only just here and now it’s already summer. Welcome to the June Challenge at Creative Embellishments. This month the inspirational photo rocked. Totally love it, I had about 8 different ideas going through my head, I had to narrow it down because of time and work. I made this large tag. And basically everything on here is CE. I haven’t actually used the steampunk octopus’s yet and why waste anymore time. I started with some tissue paper on the base of the large tag. I did try a little stamping on the background with the Steampunk clock stamp, but should have just mixed with the colour for more of the effect. I then moved on to the texture. Using the Gears 2 stencil and mixing up some different coloured crackle pastes, I cover all of the background and set aside to dry. It was so humid the day I made them I actually had to take a heat gun to the crackle which I don’t normally do. I sat and painted the octopus, just relaxed and painted. It is so detailed that I didn’t video most of it. Using the 1 1/2 inch gears steampunk keys and a the small gears, I filled in the background. I put it all together and made a short video of the creative process.

Here is a short video of the creative process.

Here are a few close-ups.

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you join us for the monthly challenge this month. It’s bound to be a good one.


Small Gears 2 Small

Steampunk Octopus

Gears 1 1/2inch

Steampunk Keys

Steampunk Clock

Large Tag

Gears Stencil 2

Finnabair Texture Paste Copper Crackle Antique Silver Crackle

Tim Holtz Ideo-ology Quote Chips , Collage Paper Typeset

Andy Skinner Super Matte Varnish

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics

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From This Moment Wedding Card and Tag Set

Welcome back to another post here made for Creative Embellishments. Tis the season of weddings and I have a number of them this summer. I was asked to make a shabby set, My friend Roberta gave me some guidelines and let me go from there. She usually gives me free range to do and play how I want.

Here is the video of the creative process:

After initially finding the paper collection I wanted to use, I started with some subtle stamping with the Distress Crackle Stamp and the Distress Moroccan Stamp. I just add the little extra effect and I enjoy how it pops through certain pastes. I never really know the look I will get.

Using a few different pastes, I add more fell to the project with the Quinfold Stencil and the Small Circles Stencil.

I added all my lovely die-cut embellishments along with some flowers and pearls and fit the “From This Moment” title on the inside.

I used the Flourish 28 in the clusters. I used a multi-textual embossing powder with bits of mica flakes to add to the feel and warmth of the card and tag.

Here are a few close-ups.

On the back of the tag, I found some old song lyrics paper that evolved around love . I used a thick crackle glaze again and covered the back with Black antiquing cream. This doesn’t cure so I wipe it back off with a wet kitchen  towel to get that dark aged look.

I thank you all for stopping by today. And enjoy the upcoming summer season with all that it has to come with it.



Small Circles Stencil 

Distress Crackle Stamp

Distress Moroccan Stamp

Quartre Foil Stencil

From This Moment Title

Lucky in Love Title

Flourish 28

Stamperia: Illusion in Time paper collection, Locket Moulds

Lindy’s Gang


DecoArt Media Antiquing Cream Black

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SeaSide Fun YouTube Hop

Hello friends and welcome to the “Seaside Fun” YouTube Hop. We hope to inspire you with all of our projects and different styles and techniques. If you do create something inspired by this hop please tag us so we can see. Please share this event and be sure to visit each channel.
The Seaside Fun YouTube Hop Giveaway will run for 21 days (Till 31st May 2021) This means you have 21 days to watch, Like, subscribe & comment on the videos as well as to follow all Instagram handles of each hop artist!
Each description box will contain the list of artists & your next stop. Hop through and watch the videos. You can also search for Seaside Fun YouTube Hop using #seasidefunyoutubehop or see the playlist to find the videos
🔹️🔹️To enter to win one of our amazing prizes you must:
— Watch all videos and comment what you like in the project and also mention your name and country.
— Like and subscribe to all hoppers YouTube channels as well as follow Instagram profiles.
— Share Hop videos and Posts using our hop hashtag #seasidefunyoutubehop on your social media platforms ( Not Mandatory).
Hop List:
Archana Sehgal
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Aida Domisiewicz
Dorota Kruszewska
CreationsbyNora Paolini
Patrycja Tusia Lech
Svetlana Sanochkina
Luciana Warnowski
Heather Thompson
Karolina Bukowska
Dalvinder Graham
Instagram Handles:
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Sponsors List:
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The element craft studio
**Giveaway is not endorsed by or affiliated with YouTube. All prizes are provided by individual artists or companies. No purchase necessary to win.
Disclaimer: Due to the magnitude of the hop, we the artists, are only responsible for putting the winners & sponsors in touch via email.


Seaside Fun Reverse Canvas

Now on to my project. I had thought long and hard about this project before even starting it. It took me a while to really come up with how this should look. I took inspiration from a variety of things. I had done a tag class with my good friend Suz and took some ideas from that, I wanted to support one of the awesome sponcers Nicolle from Cretive Embellishemtns so I used a variety of product from the store. This idea had been jotted down on a piece of paper since Nicolle started to come out with the wood Decore items.

Here is my video:


Using various techniques and pastes, I started with the background, getting the base and taking some inspiration from my friend Suz, I started to blend working until I had the sky and the water done.

I decided to only use the anchor and the lighthouse on the large canvas. First painting the base, then adding more texture with crackle glaze and some dirty wash. I added the brick texture to the background and adding some paper backing. I bit of wash also on this one.

I worked with various pastes to make the bottom of the sea, This portion took so long to dry. And me being the impatient one. This project had various different components and techniques in one trying to mash them together to look good.

Using the Suns from Relics & Artifacts, painted and blending before adding them to the background.

I had some more pieces from RA, so I painted those and set them aside to dry before finishing off the piece with the water colour on the bottom of the sea floor. I put on the painted RA pieces to finish off the story of Down By the Sea.

Thank you for stopping by and Thank you to all our wonderful and generous sponcers who joined us for this great YouTube Hop.


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Clear Altered Tags with Creative Embellishments

Welcome back to another interesting and unique project with Creative Embellishments. 

Nicolle has so much new product in the store. This is a set of clear tags I made experiments with how they will take ink, spray and texture. There was a bit of a learning curve with these. 

Here is the video of how they were made and what worked well and what didn’t work well. 



First of all, Archival Ink works well, You just need a steady hand not to smear or smudge the ink when stamping. If your stamp doesn’t have the foam backing, I use a liquid removable glue and a stamping block, that works well. I stamped the Distress Script Stamp on the base of the tag and let it dry. I was very cautious using the heat gun with the tag. 

Texture paste…….well……didn’t work the best. It tended to flake off the more I worked with it. I spent more time cleaning all the paint flakes off my craft matt (I am totally type A). I do like the effects that were left on the tags. It adds a shabby look to it. 

The clear crackle did work for the most part. I used the small square stencil on the back ground with at texture paste that had flakes in it. That stuck really well, and I didn’t have any issues at all with that. 

I took into consideration the back side of the tag. Knowing that it will be seen on both sides. I made sure the paper was double sided and the glue spots were clear and positioned in such a way that it would not look horrible. 




Distress Script Stamp

Small Square Stencil 

Large Clear Tags


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Creative Embellishments May Challenge 2021

Another Challenge here at CE today. This one I struggled with a bit. The inspirational photo was amazing to look at, but I looked at it and looked at it for weeks. I decided to do some background with the new stencils in the store, and just go from there.   Using distress inks and a dabber, I added various colours and shapes to incorporate patterns. Layer after layer of stencils, I covered the large tag with colours and patterns.  I found a resin frame and painted it black, I was really on the fence if I wanted to accent the frame or leave it bold and black. I actually tried a few accent lines and said “nope” it just took away from the boldness of the project.
I picked out the face relic and did some bold lines and dots, pretty clean and simple. I needed to add some type of title to the project, it seemed artistic so I painted a banner and added a quote to the project.

Here is your inspirational photo for the twist this month, very cycadlike.

I did make a quick video of the process.

Here are a few close-ups of the project.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope your inspired to play along this month for your chance at the great monthly price at Creative Embellishments.



Small Stars Stencil

Plaid Stencil

Chevron Stencil

Circle Lattice Stencil

Dot Stencil

Hexagon Stencil

Metal Stencil

Small Circles Stencil

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ATC gift Card Holders Creative Embellishments

I come up with these crazy ideas. I thought of making gift card holders with ATC’s by putting two of them together.  I had to think about how to put them together, I did some measuring and got it all to work.

Here is the video of how these came together.

Using ATC’s I put adhesive on both sides. I was going to use an old fabric paper for the inside of the ACT’s, but change it up to tissue paper after thinking about it. I also trimmed up the top ATC, but don’t fret I always use my scraps sooner or later. With these I ended up adding them right in the cluster.

I added texture with a paste with the Small Circle Stencil. I dried the paste and then dabbed some matching spray on the background. I diluted with a little water and let dry. It adds that little bit of shimmer to it.

Using the Grunge Roman Numerals, I wanted to add a bold texture and colour to them. I started with a base coat of Cobalt Teal, set aside to dry and then added a thick layer of Weather Wood Medium. After the shine from the Weathered wood is gone, its time to add a layer of paint, you can use any type of paint. To get a bigger crackle effect, I used the Crackle Paint.

I added a small paper cluster of stickers and paper die-cuts along with a few flowers to top it all off.

I love the fact the Gift cards fit perfectly in the pocket. Here are a few close-ups.

On the back of the pockets, I made a little paper cluster of some inspiration quotes from the word stickers.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy and are inspired.



Grunge Roman Numerals

Small Circles Stencil

7 Dots Studio Fortune Teller

Lindy’s Gang

Finnabair Texture Paste

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Altered Brake Pad’s Creative Embellishments

Hello everyone, I am back with another fun altered project. I was out on a walk the other day enjoying the sun. It was blitstery cold but the sun was shining bright and that was just enough for me. I am always looking for good finds on my walk. In the ditches, along the road side, anywhere. This day I found a rusted old brake pad. Ok, the DH says there is no pad left on this one, but I fell in love with the rust and didn’t really care, I just wanted to create.

This project I didn’t do a video, I just sat and painted, and relaxed. I needed a focal point and I had the large gear and the cover from the gear album. The gear album was the perfect size for the brake pad. I decided to glue it all on and then paint everything.

Once I glued on the gear album cover, I added large  gears and the small gear set around the base of the old handle.

Using the resist paste I painted everything white. I wanted to get the base bold where you could see the various layers of paint, like it had been sitting outside through the various seasons of the year.

Once I painted over the resist paste with various browns, rusts and yellows, I wipe away to get the peeled paint look. I stamp a background stamp on to add a little more texture before adding more layers of paints to get the patina look to the piece. I only had to alter the nob slightly because it looked great already.

I finished it off with a title and distressed that with a layer of paint. I added the rusty wire to have something to hang it on the wall.

I hope you enjoy the rusty break pad, thank you for stopping by and stay creative!


Gears Album


Gears 1″ 

Andy Skinner Prussian Blue, Quinacridone Gold, Yellow, Iron Oxide, Cracked Up Stamp

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Creative Embellishments April Challenge Monochromic

Welcome to another month at Creative Embellishments, This month is all about monochromatic. I originally was going to make this project for the month of February not totally thinking about the big picture. I had all intentions but then I pulled out the challenge for April and said “well what what was I thinking?”

This project started out with ATC’s and some mixed media paper. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do watercolour but changed that up quick. (I am not a big watercolour girl.)

I used some matte black embossing paste and the Triangle, circle and Square stencils to add a bold background. I new I needed to have more texture and dimension so I dug in my stash and found some matching circles, rectangle and triangle panels.

I painted each of them white and matched up twine and flowers. I picked out some mini leaves and painted them contrasting black and highlighted with some matching wax before finishing it all off with a sentiment.

I made a short video of the creative process.

Here are a few close-ups.

Thank you for stopping by today! Be creative and I look forward to the inspiration this month. 


Creative Embellishments


Mini Leaves Set 6

Distress Circle Stencil

Distress Square Stencil

Distress Triangle Stencil

Circles Panel

Rectangle Panel

Triangle Panel

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