Altered Pulley with Heather Thompson

A friend of mine knows I love anything old, rusty and industrial. They gifted me this old pulley that still is functional. I plan to make it into a home decor item once I gather all the supplies to do so. In the mean time I decided to add some gears trinkets and metal to it.

I started with adding more texture to the base of the piece. It already had paint chipping off so I decided to add more crackle to the piece.

I painted the base with a mixture of raw umber and medium grey. I topped it off with a thick layer of weathered wood. This is one step that takes time. The weathered wood should dry with out any help from heat setting. Once dry, I added a blend of Quinn Gold and Raw Umber before topping it off with a thick layer of crackle paint .

I love the crackle effect I got, so I added a few stencilled gears on the background before the layering begins.


I started big and work smaller. Using the Large Gear Frames, I know where the focal point will be. Using a heavy gel medium I begin to layer the various metal, chipboard and gears to the piece.


I fill in the spaces and help support the larger items with the Gears 1, they fit perfectly under and between. I used the Gears Wheel Spin to layer up the Amour Light Bulb. I have a tendency of having left over chipboard, So on these compositions I use up my odds and ends. I used my last Steampunk ATC’s and some gears 1 1/2  with in the piece.


Once I finished adding all of the chipboard and metal, I added sand texture before I paint it all. Using a bit of a dirty wash combo. I layered with quinn gold, transparent yellow iron oxide, and Raw Umber. A bit of dry brushing with paynes grey and toping of with titan buff. Some more blending with more of the dirty wash and top off some patina with Cobalt Teal Hue.

I love how this project came together. I cant wait to get it up and functional. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for stopping by!







Large Gear Frames

Gear Wheel Spin

Gears 1 1/2 inch

Steam Punk ATC’s 

Gears 1

Gears Stencil 2



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