Steampunk Calendar by Heather Thompson

I needed a day to just paint and be by my self, I loose myself in painting. What better to do on a blistering cold day here in the Midwest.

I gathered a bunch of Steampunk Chipboard, I gathered a variety of my favourite colours. Nicole’s chipboards are delicate and I take some fine brush. I started with the steampunk heart and layered and glazed. A few extra metal pieces.

It took me a few good hours to paint, Once painted I added a thick layer of crackle glaze and set aside to dry. Once dried I used a dirty wash with my three favourite colours Quinnadricone Gold, Yellow Iron Oxide, Paynes Grey. I add a bit of water and top the glaze with the dirty wash .

Once everything was painted I cut out the flaps for the book. Using the Da Vinci Code paper collection, I love all the background details, history,  sayings and medicine in the paper.

This is a photo heavy post today. Lots of layers and flaps. I will end up putting a calendar in here once I figure out how to print it out and make it look good.





There are a number of steampunk chipboards I have never used yet, the Steampunk Divers Helmet is one of them.

Enjoy the photos.



Steampunk Cat


Steampunk Mermaid

Steampunk Flamingo

Some added nail heads to some of the pieces to add a bit more texture.


One of my favourite Steampunk pieces are the Steampunk Flourish’s

Thank you for stopping by today! Happy Crafting!


Rivet Stencil

Steampunk Octopus

Steampunk Cat

Gears Set 3

Gears Set 4

Gears 1 1/2″

Steampunk Heart

Steampunk Mermaid

Steampunk Underwater Diver

Steampunk Flamingo

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