July’s Challenge, Layered Birthday Tag

Where is the summer going? I cant believe it already…..July? too fast. I love the birthday theme this month and the colour combinations are so fun and so many ideas to do with them. And you never know when you’ll need that quick gift for that birthday that sneaks up on you. I new I wanted to make a layered tag so I gathered a couple tags for the tag collections. And using the chalkboard shaker I assembled to showcase a birthday sentiment. On the larger tag, I used some markers for the colour on the balloon set 1 and finished off with the glittery texture paste to add a little shimmer. On the smaller tag I added a small flower cluster. I added a few minor details to the wine bag. Most bags get thrown in the bin so I usually don’t do much, some simple stamping with the Bokeh Circle Stamp and some texture with the Bokeh Stars Stencil with some shimmery paste. A couple bold and colourful ribbons and pinned right to the handle to finish it off. I will keep this in my stash for the next time I need a gift. Looking forward to seeing the entires this month, and if this month is your birthday month Happy Birthday from me to you!

July Tags Set

Here is a short video for you

Enjoy the close-ups. I cant wait to see all the entries.

July Tags Set 3

July Tags Set 1

July Tags Set 2

Thank you fro stopping by today! Happy Birthday to all you July Birthday’s out there.



Creative Embellishments

Circle Bokeh Stamp

Star Bokeh Stencil

Balloon Set 1

Tag Set 1

Tag Set 2

Chalk Board Shaker

Stampin’ Up Fabulous Four Stamp

Webster’s Pages Paper

Andy’s Skinner’s Cosmic Shimmer

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Down By the Sea Mixed Media Layout

I have so many projects planned right now, I just dont have enough time to get everything done in a day. My mind has a tendency of not shutting off and many lists tend to grow exponentially. One thing on my list is to capture some of our latest trip over seas. This page is “Down by the Sea” in West Wittering, on the south shores of England. My friend Brigitte took the kids and me on a countryside drive down to see the sea.

June 21 CE post

It was beautiful, the day was gorgeous, a bit chilly, but it’s England. The kids ran and played collected shells and let off some energy.

CE June 21 1  Here is a short creative video for you.

CE June 21 2I started this page with some background work, a variety of stamps before a layer of paste. Using different colours of inks, I started with the Distress Crackle Stamp, one of my go-to’s for subtle effects. Moving on to the Frayed Burlap Stamp until switching up the colours with the Distress Grid Stamp. CE June 21 3

I was going to add a couple of layers of paste but chose only the brown texture paste and the Fishnet Stencil to get a little more texture.

CE June 21 4

I pulled out the blue from the boat in the photo will blue sprays on the chipboard, I “painted” the spray on the Word Anchor  Nautical Corner Chipboard as well at the Down by the Sea pieces.    After layering paper elements and the chipboard, I finished the page off with some flower clusters, dry brushing and paint splashes to soften the look.

CE June 21 5

Thank you for stopping by today. Watch for more projects of our last adventure to come.



Down By The Sea

Distress Crackle Stamp

Distress Grid Stamp

Frayed Burlap Stamp

Word Anchors

Nautical Corner

Other Supplies:

Lindy’s Gang

7 Dots Studio Dreamscapes Collection

Prima Flowers

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Mixed Media Tag Creative Embellishments

I would love to share a quick tag I made in between the last few days of homeschooling and getting everything turned in for the end of the school. I woke up early to take over my computer for a few hours and grabbed a large tag and some grunge chipboard to layer on the tag.

Mixed Media Tag CE

I made a short video of the creative process.

I didn’t prep this tag this time, I just started in the raw. Using crackle paste, I randomly applied patches on the background. Once dry, I started with one of the new gear stencil 1, and  gritty black sand paste to add lift and texture, I applied a really thick layer of paste. I had some leftover Hexagon Panel and cut the remainder of that and added more to the background.

Mixed Media Tag CE 5

I added some finer sand paste in the bare spots. Using the brush as my focal point, I added the pastes as well to that. Building up the brush, I used the steampunk gear wings and the medium gear set.

Mixed Media Tag CE 1

Using a mould I added the zigzag stitch boarder to the top of the brush to just add a little more detail..

A quick layer of black gesso and I am ready to bring it to life with some colour. Using various rust colours and pastes, I blend until I like what I see.

Mixed Media Tag CE 4

I thought about putting on a title, but I felt it would take away from the beauty of the mould and brush.

Thank you for stopping by today. Stay safe and be creative.


Hexagon Panel

Steampunk Gear Wings

Large Tags

1 1/2″ Medium Gears

ZigZag Stitch Boarder

Gear Stencil 1

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Creative Embellishments June Challenge

Welcome to another monthly challenge at Creative Embellishments. This month has a beautiful inspirational photo and a fun twist of using lace. I wanted to do something a little different this month and make some thing pretty and elegant. I started with one panel of the Triptych 3. After a coat of white paint, I decided to do a number of layers with inking inspired by the photo. Starting with the Flourish Stencil 1 and a bold blue, I inked the stencil changing up the stencils between the New Starburst, and the Fairy Dust 2 and mixing up the colours. I felt it needed a little more details and added a little Distress Crackle Stamp to help break it up some. Using the Star Pieces and the Fairy Wings 3 I added some paste and texture using a palette knife. I wanted to get a 3-D effect on the pieces. I finish the piece off with a Relic. I hope you’re inspired by the all the projects this month and the photo. Looking forward to seeing all the entries.

CE June Challenge 4

Here is a short video of the creative process.

Here are a few close-ups.

CE June Challenge 3

Lots of texture to the wings. And some crackle to the Fantasy Word Set and some spray to just add a little shimmer.

CE June Challenge 2

I finished the starburst stencil off with some shimmer as well.

CE June Challenge 6

I hope you enjoy and Thank you for stopping by today!




Fantasy Word Set

Flourish Stencil 1

Startburst Stencil

Fairy Dust 2

Triptych 3

Distress Crackle Stamp

Star Pieces

Fairy Wings 3

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Mixed Media Tag Andy Skinner


I hope this finds everyone well and safe. I have been busy on my end, and my art has taken a back burner.

I am really struggling on finding  the time to create. Between work and the kids being home 24/7 and home school. There has not been much me time. This tag took me about 2 weeks to complete and that is not normal for me. I have so many projects I want to do, its’s just a matter of getting time…..only 1 more weeks of home school.  We are almost done, No Summer school for this momma!!!!

I would love to share a tag I made with Andy’s rice paper’s and rub-ons. I wanted to make something vintage looking. My mother had given me a numerous things of my opa who had passed. Old postcards, stamps, receipts, I think he saved everything. I wanted to incorporate them onto a project.

Andy Skinner Large Tag

A short video of the creative process.

Here are a few close-ups.

Andy Skinner Large Tag 1

Using the flaming hearts, I used some thin scripture paper to cover the background. I added a vintage look with a combo of Quinn Gold and Paynes Gray  before adding a epoxy resin to the centre of each heart.

Andy Skinner Large Tag 3

Andy Skinner Large Tag 2

Using the “inhale exhale” from the book inserts, I added a little title to the tag.

Andy Skinner Large Tag 6

Thank you for stopping by today, Enjoy and look for more projects to come with the new released rub-ons and stamps.

black and white head shot

Creative Expressions

Andy Skinner

Rub On Transfers
Mixed Media Pastes/Paints
Rice Paper

Timm Holtz Etcetera Medium Tag


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Creative Embellishments Card Sets

I was asked to make a set of cards for a co-worker. She gave the general idea of what she wanted and was looking for. She wanted something with wings, colourful with  inspirational quotes. I started a set of templates, I started with 6 cards which turned into 28 in total. Yep 28. 7 Dots CE card 6

I started with some background stamping and texture. I love texture and I used a ton of supplies on these cards. Depending on the background paper, I picked stamps to match or accentuate the paper.

I made a video of the process.

7 Dots CE card 2

Starting with the background I stamped with various colours and stamps. I did make a list of all the supplies I used at the bottom. I also used some of my favourite stencils on the background, The Distress Patterns stencil  with various pastes to get that extra feel to the card.

7 Dots CE card 3

By using different layers of stamps, then pastes, then more stamps it blends and coordinated the cards. It pulls in more details.

7 Dots CE card 4

Jodi wanted to have “Wings” to be included into the cards. she wanted then colourful. I started on the original six cards with the Butterflies. Using a textured embossing powder I heat set to match the cards. Depending on the card set I used various Butterflies , Flourish Butterflies and Dragonflies.

I couldn’t just make the cards alone, SO i event all out and made matching envelopes and carried the patters and layers over on to the envelopes to have matching sets.

7 Dots CE card 21

Here is a short slide show of most of the cards to see the carious colours and paper collections I used on each.

Thank you for Stopping by Today.



Distressed Numbers Stamp

Distress Harlequin Stamp

Distress Corner Stamp

Flourish Butterflies

Distress Chevron Stamp


Butterflies Set of 3

Flourish Dragonflies

Distress Patterns Stencil

Andy Skinner: Cosmic Shimmer Raspberry Ice Cream, Funky Cold Patina, Satin Sunset

7 Dots Studio: Home Grown, Hazy Days, Garden Party, DreamScapes

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Nomadic Soul Diaries May Challenge


This is a very heart felt post today. I love Nomadic Soul Diaries, the team is wonderful and so supportive and positive. We volunteered a few times a year to contribute.  I chose May based on the inspirational board and the quote not knowing that this would hit home with me. I originally wanted to do a layout based on good memories and friends, but as I flip through my photos, I came across one of my work photos. This was perfect during this time of Social Distancing and COV19.

NSD May Challenge 3




I work knowing it is my job, I choose to do what I do and love doing it. During this time of restricted visitors, limited access to medical specialities and so much uncertainty, I know I have to be that “Rainbow”. I have to be the positive in someones sadness, anguish and despair.

NSD May Challenge Square

I need to live every moment, even with my co-workers, I choose to bring a little bit of joy to a horrible, history making,  life event that has effected everyone. No-one is untouched by this.

NSD May Challenge 8

I hear a ton of “thank you’s”. I am grateful to hear them, I think sometimes in the rush of everyday life we forget to say or even appreciate the things we take for granted. Now that everything is slowed down, drug out and extended, It’s more appreciated and maybe even more sincere than it ever has been.

NSD May Challenge 2

I want to thank you all for the constant support and thoughtful and lovely words of encouragement during these times. I am and forever will be grateful for the lifelong friendships and bonds I have created through my art.

Thank you!




Stamperia: Dream 12×12 Collection

Creative Embellishments:  Harlequin Circle, Lovers Heart 2, Hearts Love 1, Harlequin Stamp, Distress Crackle Stamp, Distress Patterns Stencil, Flourish Stencil 3.

Lindy’s Gang Pretty in Pink Pink, C’est La Vie Cerise.

Finnabair: Art Stones

Petaloo Flowers.


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Gift Certificate And Box Creative Embellishments

A good friend of mine asked me to make a gift certificate for her to give to her parents. She bought them a trip to Norway to take them back from the country. Take then back to their heritage and to see the culture.  We had a nice get together, drank some wine, had reclette dinner and got to work.

I started with the paper. Added the texture with the Distressed Patterns Stencil. One of my favourite ones. I wanted to add some texture to the chipboards and added a colour to the Travel Corner and the Travel Adventure word set then applied a thick layer of crackle glaze over the top. I love the feel that effect give the chipboard.

gift certificate 2.jpg

I did make a short video of the creative process

Using vintage Norwegian Paper, and other layers of paper, I added flower clusters and little travel trinkets to the piece to help get the feel of the project.

Here are a few close-ups.

gift certificate 6

Here is the box the certificate goes into I did the same layering with old Norwegian paper and cut-outs from the paper collection.

gift certificate

I use the paper to help tell the story of the project.

gift certificate 5

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you enjoy the project.



Distress Patterns Stencil

distressed patterns-800x800

Travel Word Set 1

travel 1-800x800

Travel Corner

globe corner-800x800

Ciao Bella Paper Ciao Bella 12×12 And A4.

Lindy’s Gang Violaceous Violet

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“Time is the Key” ATC’s Creative Embellishments

Hello welcome to May, I hope the everyone is surviving the SD. I would love to share my inspiration for the May challenge. I love the mood board and I incorporated the numbers into the background using the paper, distress numbers stamp and the Typewriter Stencil. It’s been a while since I made any ATC’s and figured it’s about time to make some more. I Used the Steampunk Keys and the Medium Gears to add a little lift to the Keys. I rusted the Keys and gears with some texture paste before adding various layers of paint.

May Atc's CE

I made a video of the creative process. I love the look of these and the rust technique is so relaxing to just add layer after layer to get the full effect.

Here are some close-ups for you.

May Atc's CE 2

May Atc's CE 3

I used some paper from 1880’s to cover the back of the ATC’s. To help add to the rusty old feel of things.

May Atc's CE 6

May Atc's CE 1

Thank you for stopping by, I hope to see



Creative Embellishments


Distress Numbers Stamp

Medium Gears

Typewriter Stencil

Steampunk Keys

7 Dots Studio Dreamscapes Word Stickers

Andy Skinner

Artist Pigment Paint Rust, Quinnacradone Gold, Cobalt Teal, Paynes Grey, Yellow Iron Oxide, Super Matte Varnish


Mechanical Fantasy 12×12 Collection

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Nurse’s Goody Bag ~ Creative Embellishments


I wanted to do something nice for the staff that I work with. We have a tight group on our weekend and I trust when the going gets tough, this crew will pound through it and get the job done. I picked up a variety of goodies, goggles, A nice Head band from Junk Headbands. Some anti-fog lens cleaners, some sweets, and of course I made a tag for each one of them.

CE RN tags

Because I made 9 of these, and I wanted to get them done faster than I would have, I used simple spray to add the colour to each of them. I started out with a variety of tags from the Tag Sets in the store. I will never run out of tags!

I made a video of the creative process.


I love doing backgrounds, and Nicolle has some great new stencils in the store, these tags are very heavy stencilled. There was a lot of dry time on these. Along with a heat gun that went up in smoke. Thank goodness I had a spare, these would have taken forever to dry with out it. The nice thing is with home schooling along with working still. I had plenty of reasons to step aside and let the drying happen naturally.

CE RN Tags 3

I used various mediums with the stencils, I used everything from Crackle paste, to modelling paste and I finished some off with sand paste.

After the various background stencils, I used background pieces: mesh distress pieces, distress checkered, grunge heart corner to name a few. This adds to the background texture of the tags.

CE RN Tags 6

I moved right on to the focal points, I love assemblage. It is so relaxing to just start to build up the tags. I knew I wanted to use the Word Bulbs, I have been sitting on them for a while and thought these tags would be great to use them on.

Using various moulds and resin pieces for the focal points,  I fill in the gaps with medium gears and the metal pieces from my stash.

CE RN Tags 9

Once the big pieces are dried, I fill in all the smaller holes with beads and mini art stones. After a liberal coat of white paint. I picked out some bright colours in sprays and add a layer or two until I get the vibrancy I am looking for.

I topped them all off with some waxes.

CE RN Tags 12

I hope you all stay safe and healthy during these times. Thank you for stopping by.



Distressed Checkered Stencil

Chevron Stencil

Arrows Stencil

Fence Lattice Stencil 

Plaid Stencil

Roman Numeral Stencil 

Star Boken Stencil 

Starburst Stencil

Word Bulbs

Mesh Distress Pieces

Distress Checkered Pieces

Grunge Heart Corner

Stamp Corner

Grunge Corner

Grunge Harlequin Piece

Oval Tags

Tag Set 1

Tag Set 2 

Tag Set 5

Tag Set 6

Medium Gears


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