Mom’s Holiday with Heather Thompson

Welcome back today! And Happy Mothers Day to all. Today I would love to share a page I made for our recent Mom Trip had down in the Caribbean. We had such a fabulous time on our mom trip starting in the wonderful down town Miami.


I started with finding some beautiful paper and did my normal prep work with clear gesso and setting aside to dry. I love a classic stencil the Fishnet Stencil. I added paste on to the background and then added some spray to the background and set it all aside to dry.

I pulled out a variety of sea themed chipboard and decided to go with the Nautical Badge Set. I also picked out a Light House out of the Lighthouse Set of 4. Using a variety of embossing powders, I added a few layers to each of the chipboards. I actually didn’t like the first layer of powders and just added a second layer with a different colour. The second layer was better.

I layered up a few pieces of paper elements and found some matching flowers and embellishments. I layered up the Light House and finished it off with a photo from our dinner in the harbour.


I finished the page off with the Vacation Title Word, and layered it right on top of the grouping. Such a fun page to finish off with a variety of Mica Flakes.

Thank you for stopping by today! Look forward to more pages from our Mom Vacation, more to come! Happy Crafting.




Fishnet Stencil 

Vacation Word Set

Nautical Badges

Lighthouse Set of 4

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A Mothers Hold Card and Tag Set

As spring is finally here and lots of holidays, graduations, cinco de mayo, nurse’s week and mothers day fast approaching. I wanted to do a bit bright and bold today. Unfortunately I have to work mothers day and the kids will be with their dad, but we will still be celebrating at work.

I picked out some matching paper collections, an older collection, but still pretty. I love that I can match the flowers, paper and embellishments with ease. I picked out the chipboard A Mothers Hold, and the Mini Flourish Set 2 to add to the cluster of flowers and embellishments.

I decided to do a  card and tag, I like the fact the tag is long and I dont have to alter the title chipboard, but to fit it on the card, I have to cut and alter it slightly to fit. I was going to layer the paper but changed and thought I would go simple and bold.

I matched embossing powder with each of the A Mothers Hold Chipboard to each of the background paper. I matched a bit of a different colour to the Mini Flourish Set 2. 

I sprinkled a contrasting colour on the flourish set, and then built up the flower cluster. I added some beads to the mix when all the layering was done, I had fussy cut some of the paper elements out of the paper and placed them in the clusters.

I hope you all enjoy and happy mothers day, nurses day, birthday or another holiday you and your families will be celebrating in the coming weeks. Thank you for stopping by.

Hugs, Heather


A Mothers Hold

Mini Flourish Set 2

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Shabby Chic Small Sentiment Tags switch Heather Thompson

I seem to get a lot of request for tags and cards. Most recently I was asked to do a thank you card and then there was a death in the family, so I decieded to do a Sympathy Tag also.

Starting with some general tags, I picked put some pretty paper. I layered the tags with the paper and then getting a few different colour inks. I stamped on the background of each of them. Using the Bokeh Circles Stamp and contrasting colours I stamp on the yellow tag, pulling the circles out of the background of the paper.

On the red tag, I matched up the distress type set stamp and a few bold reds to that background.

Once those were dry, I added the type keys stencil and I sponged white paint through the stencil, I then painted the Flourish set 2 and the Small SentimentWord set with white paint.

I picked out some older sprays that I need to use up and matched with each of the backgrounds.

Once all the colour was applied, I simply layered flowers and a smaller tag. I finished off with small micro beds to add a little more texture.

Supplies/l k


Flourish set 2

Bokeh Circles Stamp

Distress Type Stamp

Distress Type Keys Stencil

Small Sentiments Word Set

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Grunge Mixed Media ATC’s with Heather Thompson

Welcome back to another project here for Creative Embellishments. I haven’t done some ATC’s in a while and my friend Maggi posted some recently and I thought that I needed to just do some. As I was getting ready for Easter, I thought why not something bright and bold.  A friend of mine told me I do a lot of dark, so I decided to do a little grunge with some bright colours! I am up to surprise people.


I started with some ATC’s and painted them all white. Thinking bright and bold. I then started to dig through my grunge basket of chipboard. I picked out 4 grunge pieces. Distress Grid, Distress Checkered, Distress Chevron, and Distress Brick Pieces 2. The cool thing about Nicole is that she has matching stencils for each of these.


I started with just randomly picking 4 background sprays. I added spray to each of the pieces and let dry. Then I matched up each of the stencils and spread sculpting paste on each of the ATC’s. I matched with the Distress Patterns Stencil, Crackle Brick, Grid, and Small Square Stencil.

Once Each of the ATC’s were stencilled, I added Lava Paste to each of the pieces. Once the Lava paste is heated up it added that unique texture to each of the pieces. I glued each of the pieces down and matched up the colours of the background with a few waxes. I added a little depth to each of the ATC’s and picked out a title. I finished off the ATC’s with a metal clip.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope that you enjoyed and Happy Spring!


Distress Grid Stencil

Crackle Brick Stencil

Distress Patterns Stencil

Small Square Stencil


Distress Chevron Pieces

Brick Pieces 2

Distress Checkers Pieces,

Distress Grid Pieces

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Amazing Journey Mixed Media Tag

Welcome back today, I have been trying to get some projects done but was asked to do a commissions piece for work. This piece is for one of our doctors that has decided to head over to Papa New Guinea to do a medical missionary trip for the next 2 years. He’s one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to work with. Also he ranks up there in my top 5 worst night shifts ever. We just laugh about it now.

Starting with a large tag, I painted it white. I took some old (and I mean old) paper from 1873, and decoupaged it on various spots on the background. Using the harlequin stencil, I added some pumice paste to give it more texture. I set it aside to dry. I didn’t know what colour to do as the background but figured warm and tropical. I used some contrasting sprays and brushed a bit on the background.

I wanted to incorporate the medical aspect of things so I used the Caduceus and added a few extra embellishments to the chipboard.

I used and relics and artifacts heart to pull in the religious aspect of things. I started out with some base paint white. Then mixed and blended the piece. Once dried, I added a layer of crackle glaze. This is one that has to dry naturally. Once dry I didn’t like how bold it was so I used a patina antiquing cream. I covered the piece completely and the. Wiped off the cream and set with varnish. It really pulls the cracks out on the glaze.

I pulled out a variety of chipboard and metal pieces. Not really knowing what I was going to use I painted them all black. Using the Distress Harlequin and the Atoms Chipboard long with the metal pieces.  I added some dry brushing to the black pieces and some wax.

I choose to do the amazing journey as the title. He is moving his family and children to take them on this 2 year adventure helping people in an amazing country.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope that our doctor makes it back ok and I will get to work with him again.

Thank you for stopping by today and enjoy, happy crafting.



Large Tag

Distress Harlequin Pieces

Distress Harlequin Stencil 


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Mixed Media Tag with Heather Thompson

Welcome back to another post here. I would love to share a large tag I made for Creative Embellishments. This was a fun industrial looking tag made with some industrial paper as the background.

I started with adding the base paper, with a little prep from some clear gesso and I set aside and grabbed some stencils. I wanted to do a contrasting Yin/Yang type of card, so I grabbed the Rivet Stencil, and the metal stencil.


Using contrasting Crackle paste, I did a half and half full coverage on the background of the tag and set it aside to dry.

I think grabbed some gears along with the Gear Flourish Corner, painted the contrasting crackle on each of them, and set aside. I poured a few moulds that match the paper collection and sat and painted a bit  before adding a crackle glaze to each of them. A bit of dirty wash after the glaze dried.

I picked out a title for each side of the tag and did some water colouring on the background. After everything was dry. I added a  bit of microbeads to each of the sides of the tags.

I hope you enjoy the tag today. Happy Crafting, thank you for stopping by!


Rivet Stencil

Metal Stencil

Large Tag

Gear Flourish Corner




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Winter Fun Mixed Media Layout

Welcome back to another post. I really enjoy winter here in the Midwest and love to capture memories and moments with the kids. Maksim has really gottten to be a good at snowboarding. Other than his darn feet have grown so much I could buy stock in snow boarding boots.

This is a page I did of a few snowboarding trips Maksim and I got to do together this season. The season is too short. Maksim is getting so good he suggested a few black diamonds. We have been doing black diamonds together. I’m so proud of my boy!

I started with the base of the paper and prepped with clear gesso. Once dry, I started with the Large Winter Words Stencils and sporadically put down words on the base of the base paper. Once those were dry, Iused the flurry stencil and layered over the whole page.

Once all dry, they I cut a few elements out of the paper for some framing on the photos. And I added a crackle paint to the snowflake Corner Page Set, and the winter trees and set that aside to crackle up.

I fell like adding a bit off stamping tot the background so I grabbed the Moroccan stamp and a deep blue distress ink and stamped right over all the pastes. By now the crackle Ono the frames were dry and I could begin to layer the page.

I started to layer everything and once finished I decided to cut one of the winter trees in half and just have a bit peek out of the page. I topped it off with some winter acrylic pieces, twine and glass babbles. And there’s our memories captured.

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoy and happy crafting.



Moroccan Stamp


Snowflake Page Corner Set

Large Winter Words Stencils

Winter Trees 3

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Northern Lights Mixed Media Tags with Heather Thompson

Welcome back to another post here. I would like to share a set of altered tags. Being in the Midwest and having a ginormous snow storm and getting dumped on with 15 inches, I decided to make some wintery tags to match the weather.

I started with some base tags. Using the a new stencil I picked up from the store, I added the cutting triangles stencil and some concrete pastes I added some background to the project. I set it all aside to dry and got out the large snowflakes and painted them with a layer of silver paint.

Once everything was dry, I added a layer of matching sprays to the tags. I set it aside again to dry and dug out a number of flowers, metal pieces, and other paper elements from the paper collections.

I started to layer the larger paper tag elements with the smaller ones and placed in the large snowflakes under the tags, and with in the flower cluster. I added a bit of shine silver flair to each of the clusters.

Using seam binding and the matching sprays, I added it to the binding and scrunched it up to make it look more distressed.

After everything was layered, I added some softening to the flowers with a quick layer of white paint. Then I topped it all off with some micro beads and soft gel medium.

I hope you enjoy the project today. Thank you for stopping by today, stay creative!



Cutting Triangles Stencil

Shine Flair Silver

Large Snowflakes

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Shabby Chic Congrats Tag with Heather Thompson


Welcome back to another post. I was asked to make another retirement card for a very generous, caring co-worker. I wanted to go a bit shabby chic on this on this one and I love using the large tags because lots of people can sign the back and send farewell wishes.

I started with the base large tag and added a shabby chic paper over the tag. After some prep of the paper with clear gesso, I added the Harlequin Stencil and some shimmery pastes. Once dried, I wasn’t liking the paste as much I though I would. As it dried, it had a bit of a yellow tint to it. So in my fashion that I am, layers and more layers, I grabbed another tag added some paper and figured I would cover most of the paste with that.

Using the Scroll Flourish 2 and the Simple Flourish 3, I add some multi-coloured embossing powder and set aside to start layering. I cut the scroll flourish in half to cover the base tag and then pulled the elements from the paper and layered in some corrugated cardboard. It also adds some lift and dimension to the card.

I added the Simple Flourish 3 to the top tag and embellished with a few flowers, leaves and lace.

I finish the tag off with the Congratulations Title and some bold Embossing Powered

I hope you enjoy the tag today. Thank you for stopping by. Happy crafting.



Simple Flourish 3

Scroll Flourish 2

Congratulation Title

Large Tag

Harlequin Stencil


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Steampunk Calendar by Heather Thompson

I needed a day to just paint and be by my self, I loose myself in painting. What better to do on a blistering cold day here in the Midwest.

I gathered a bunch of Steampunk Chipboard, I gathered a variety of my favourite colours. Nicole’s chipboards are delicate and I take some fine brush. I started with the steampunk heart and layered and glazed. A few extra metal pieces.

It took me a few good hours to paint, Once painted I added a thick layer of crackle glaze and set aside to dry. Once dried I used a dirty wash with my three favourite colours Quinnadricone Gold, Yellow Iron Oxide, Paynes Grey. I add a bit of water and top the glaze with the dirty wash .

Once everything was painted I cut out the flaps for the book. Using the Da Vinci Code paper collection, I love all the background details, history,  sayings and medicine in the paper.

This is a photo heavy post today. Lots of layers and flaps. I will end up putting a calendar in here once I figure out how to print it out and make it look good.





There are a number of steampunk chipboards I have never used yet, the Steampunk Divers Helmet is one of them.

Enjoy the photos.



Steampunk Cat


Steampunk Mermaid

Steampunk Flamingo

Some added nail heads to some of the pieces to add a bit more texture.


One of my favourite Steampunk pieces are the Steampunk Flourish’s

Thank you for stopping by today! Happy Crafting!


Rivet Stencil

Steampunk Octopus

Steampunk Cat

Gears Set 3

Gears Set 4

Gears 1 1/2″

Steampunk Heart

Steampunk Mermaid

Steampunk Underwater Diver

Steampunk Flamingo

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