Creative Embellishments Mixed Media Layout Nature’s Beauty

Welcome back to another post. Today I would like to share with you a mixed media layout. I have been looking through my posts to see and realised it has been a bit since I did a layout. I have some great photos of the kids and wanted to showcase them.

This picture, I just love. These two could paste as twins. They were sitting on a rock with a waterfall in the background and just looked at me with those devilish looks they have.

I started on the background with some subtle stencilling with the Harlequin Stencil and some shimmery paste. While that was drying I do move on the the Distress Harlequin Pieces. Adding a layer of embossing powder, I heat set. I usually do most of my wet stuff and let it dry in stages and move onto something else to calm my impatience.

After I embossed the Best Friends Boarder with a bolder blue, I add some texture with stamping the Distress Crackle Stamp and sprinkle some matching embossing powder on top and set quick.

Once the background layering has begun, I start to layer and layer. The more texture the more the piece speaks to me. The paper talks of natures beauty and it cant be any truer with this photo and the place were it was taken.

I finished off some of the layers and clusters with the maple tree seeds and a layer of spray. I added natural elements of pine cones to add to the look. Picked up along our adventures.

Here is a short video of the creative process.


Maple Tree Seeds

Distress Harlequin Pieces

Harlequin Stencil

Best Friends Boarder

Distress Crackle Stamp

Stamperia Cosmos Collection



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Creative Embellishments Journals

Hello all, this is a big post today.

I have had the pleasure of working with one of the best crews. My weekend crew has always gone above and beyond. I know patients will be taken care of like they are family. When the things get tough, they alway end up pulling out all the stops and push out 150%. I wanted to do something special as a thank you for all that they have done for me.

I made each one of them a personalised journal. Each one was made with love and compassion. I even left an inspirational note inside thanking them for all that they do.

This Journal for Sam, she has this amazing unicorn collection and I just needed to add to it. I filled in spaces with bits and bobs. I used left over pieces from collections that I only had one or two left. I wanted to use some of the new stuff from the store as well and grabbed the Alphabet Game Pieces.

I wanted to add detail to the background on each of the journals. I love texture to I use a thick corse paste with the grid stencil on this particular journal.

Here are a few more close-ups.

This journal was made for Heather, she knew I was making some journals, But she fell in love with this one. I knew she just had to have it. I did the same texture on the background but only with the Distress Checkered Stencil. I added the Cross Stitch Boarder in the background and built the composition up around that. I threw in a medium gear or two to fill in the spaces and topped it off with a metal dragonfly casting.

A few more close-ups.


I added the Alphabet Blocks and Distress Pattens Stencil to this Journal. I added a few more bits and bobs to fill in the composition.

A few layers of paint with blending and dry brushing and topping it all off with some wax highlights.

Here is the one I made for Pam, She has been there for me since day one. She was my sounding board, my go to. She has been around nursing (I wont say for how long 🙂 and I value her experience.

I loved the Ribbon Frames 2 and built the composition offset from the frame to keep the features of the frame. Just some crackle on the background on this one. I wanted it to look vintage and old. Not in any relation to Pam lol.

A few more close-ups.

Thank you all for stopping by today. I cant thank these wonderful ladies enough for putting up with me,  teaching me how to be a great leader and trusting I will never lead them a stray.



Ribbons Frame 2


Alphabet Game Pieces

Distress Grid Stencil

Alphabet Blocks

Distress Checkered Stencil

Medium Gears

Cross Stitched Boarder

Distressed Patterned Stencil

 Finnabair Art Alchemy Wax, Paint, Metal Embellishments


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Steampunk September Challenge Creative Embellishments

Welcome to another challenge and month over at Creative Embellishments. Today I have such a treat, this is a canvas I put together with lots of goodies. This months twist is to use Rust. And let me tell you I hit the brief on this one.

Steampunk Stamperia

Here is the inspirational photo, to get those ideas going. I had recently picked up some moulds and have been jonzing to use them. So I took inspiration from all the rush and vintage and the general colours of the mood board to put together my canvas.

Using a canvas, I added a layer of rice paper. Covering and blending the rice paper with resist paste and chalk paints, I blending and patch the background. I added more texture on the background with the Rivit stencil and some bronze crackle paste.

I started with the steampunk pipe corners medium gears, pipe works. Using a variety of acrylics and texture paste, I add texture and then did various layers of paint to blend to get the look I am striving for.

As far as the mould goes for, I made the mould out of fast setting resin. I applied a white coat of gesso before painting and blending based off the colours of the photos. I loved the pop of blue to incorporate the background of the canvas.

Steampunk Stamperia 7

Using the Rivet Stencil I did add more texture to the background. I used a crackle paste to add to the aged look I was going for.

Steampunk Stamperia 6

Here is a video of the creative process.

A few more close-ups. Steampunk Stamperia 5

Steampunk Stamperia 3

Steampunk Stamperia 2

Steampunk Stamperia 1


Thank you for stopping by today. Looking forward to seeing the entries.


Medium Gears

Steampunk Corners

Rivet Stencil

Pipe Works

Andy Skinner Chalk Paints, Acrylic Paints

Stamperia Moulds, Rice Paper



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Nomadic Soul Diaries August Challenge

Welcome to another month at Nomadic Soul Diaries and another great inspirational mood board. This month’s board is all about butterflies and ATC’s. There is so much inspiration over at the Nomadic Soul Diaries IG page, Check it out.


This set was fun to make, I enjoyed the colour palette and the inspiration came easy with the inspirational quote.

Here is the beautiful mood board for your inspiration. Butterflies and ATC’s to cards.

I picked out the paper, that I wanted to use and dug into my Creative Embellishments stash to find some cool butterflies I can add a little glitter glass to add the extra shimmer and shine to.

These took some dry time, but I have been so busy with the kids being home, my projects have been drying pretty naturally lately.

Here are a few close-ups for more inspiration.

I addded a inspirational quote to each of the cards as a finishing touch. And you can never go wrong with splashes.

Here is a short inspirational video of my creative process.
I love making ATC’s they’re quick, fun and something so small can turn into such a beautiful piece of art, easily transferable when you need to give that little pick me up to a co-worker or add a little extra to that gift for a special event.

Thank you for stopping by today, don’t forget to stop by the NSD IG account to see all the inspiration this month.



Creative Embellishments: ATC’s and butterflies

Lindys’ Gang Danny Zuko’s Denim

Finnabair Crimson Red Glass Glitter, Mica Powders Blue, Mica Powder Deep Water

Prima Flowers

Tim Holtz

Blue Fern Studios Heartland Kiss Kiss

Cosmic Shimmer Andy Skinner Satin Sunset Embossing Powder

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Creative Embellishments Art Alchemy

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Welcome back, First of all I would like to apologise for the new view on WordPress. They recently upgraded, or updated, or revamped their site, and I am trying to figure it out and get used to it. Currently I … Continue reading

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My Puzzled Heart Canvas Creative Embellishments


Welcome back, I would like to thank you for stopping by today and showing support. Today I would like to share a canvas I made. An altered brush, a puzzle to  my heart. I have been sitting on a few ideas that I haven’t been able to get to, I decided to jump on this one and get creating.

Puzzle Canvas CE 4

Nicolle has been making some awesome stencils and chipboards for the store, I love how they work so well with each other. I started out on the  background with some texture.

Puzzle Canvas CE 3

I added the Puzzle Heart Stencil and filling smaller pieces with the Puzzle Pieces stencils. I wanted to add more dimension to the canvas and picked the centre pieces out from the Puzzle Panel and made them look like they were falling down the canvas.

Puzzle Canvas CE 2

Using the brush as the focal point, I added some smaller puzzle pieces to add some texture before building up around the brush with bits and bobs.

Puzzle Canvas CE 1

I love all the wood pieces in the store, the Heart Piece etched with the puzzle worked perfect to pop on the centre.

I finished the canvas with some dry brushing over a black base.

Puzzle Canvas CE

Here is a short video to watch the creative flow of the project. Most projects I start with a general idea. I build it up as I create, I gather a number of supplies, not even knowing if I will use any, then I just created.


Thank you for watching and stopping by today, happy creating.



Puzzle Piece Stencil

Puzzle Heart Stencil


Puzzle Panel

Ornate Pieces


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July Challenge Under the Sea Creative Embellishments

Another month at creative embellishments and we have another great challenge and inspirational photo. The twist this month is using scallops. If any of you are like me and still trying to find the balance of creating and the kids being home going on 5 months now, I have found that it is easier for me to paint a little here and there verses getting involved in a full big project.

Creative Embellishments July challenge

I love the photo this month and decided to sit and paint and make some cute underwater ATC’s. I love the colours and i took different elements from the photo to create these. I gather the Octopus set, knowing I couldn’t fit the whole set on the page, I wanted to make the impression of wrapping around the card. And what else goes with underwater except jelly fish and seahorses. Using liquid acrylics I sat and blending and brushed each of the pieces. I also think I cooked dinner in between there as well. lol. I painted the mermaid pair and incorporated the scallops on her tail in the challenge.


Here is a short video of the background texture, and a little painting, topped off with some interference to add a shimmer. Enjoy the creative process.

Here are a few close-ups:

Creative Embellishments July challenge 7

Creative Embellishments July challenge 6

Creative Embellishments July challenge 1 1

Creative Embellishments July challenge 2




Mermaid Pair

Jellyfish Set 2

ATC’s Set 2

ATC’s Tag Set 3

Octopus Set 

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Christmas in July Creative Embellishments

Hello all, welcome back and with it being the month of July, we are half way to Christmas. So why not get ready and start making those homemade Christmas presents. I was hashing some ideas around with a good friend at work and Roberta suggested refrigerate magnets and chip clips.  I popped onto Amazon and ordered a set of each.  I knew I could come up with something fun and individualized. I am sure I will make more sets of these as we get closer to Christmas.

One of the set I made was with the lovers hearts set. I painted the background first and then did some heat embossing over the top. I added a simple sentiment to the top of each heart.


A few close-ups of this set.

hearts 2

I added a little texture on the base of the magnets with the Chevron stencil and some sand paste.

hearts 1

I really like the Embossing on this one, the swirls really pop out with the embossing.

hearts 5

Another set I made was using the Ceiling Medallions. I really enjoy the quietness and relaxation I get with painting. I simply picked some bright colours and sat with a fine paint brush and painted the details that are in each piece.


Here are a few close-ups of this set. I topped off each one with a little matching bling in the centre.

menedala 3

I finished both of these off with a layer of Satin Varnish to give it a shine on top surface.

menedala 1

menedala 5

The last set for now I decieded to do some rust and some steampunk. I love my gears. Rustic Magnets

It’s always fun to play with rust effect paste and gears. I added a few layers of gears to the magnets and topped each off with a few bits from the screws, bolts and nuts set.  I love the layers you can add with the different colour of the rust pastes. These ones might just end up in my stocking this December.

Rustic Magnets 1

Rustic Magnets 2


Here is a short video of the creative journey.

Thank you for watching and thanks for stopping by. Never to late to get started on those Christmas projects.




Screws Bolts and Nuts

Lovers Heart Set 2

Ceiling Medallions

Chevron Stencil

Finnabair Rust Effects Pastes

Andy Skinner Embossing Powder

Tim Holtz Word Sticker

DecoArt Fluid Acrylics

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Jules Verne Card Set Creative Embellishments

Hello everyone! I would love to share a card set I made one morning after working a long 4 day streatch. I needed a quick card and my stash is getting low. So I make two for the time of one. I will post a video later, Just haven’t had enough time to edit and put it all together.

CE July 6th

 These cards where quick and fun. I used the Flourish 9 set as part of the cluster. Using Lava paste I added a thin top layer, a little goes a long way. And the more you apply the bigger and bolder the texture. After I heat set the paste, I added a quick layer of spray and set aside to dry while I worked on some layering.

Using a few layers of paper, I got my trusty distressed patterns stencils out and applied a black paste to pull the black out fo the background patterns on the paper.

Using the Bumble Bees I did a quick layer of chalk paint and added a few tiny watch parts to give a little steampunk look to them.

A flower cluster and sentiment and the cards are done. Some ink distressing on the edges to soften the look and I will make an envelope if I need to. Sometime I just throw them in the gift bag and I’m done with them.

Thank you for stopping by, watch for the video on my YouTube channel. Happy Crafting.

Edited: Video Uploaded, Enjoy!


Creative Embellishments

Distress Patterns Stencil

Flourish Set 9


Andy Skinner Lava Paste, Cosmic Shimmer Paint

Ciao Bella Yoyages Extraordinaires 12×12 Paper

Lindys’ Gang

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July’s Challenge, Layered Birthday Tag

Where is the summer going? I cant believe it already…..July? too fast. I love the birthday theme this month and the colour combinations are so fun and so many ideas to do with them. And you never know when you’ll need that quick gift for that birthday that sneaks up on you. I new I wanted to make a layered tag so I gathered a couple tags for the tag collections. And using the chalkboard shaker I assembled to showcase a birthday sentiment. On the larger tag, I used some markers for the colour on the balloon set 1 and finished off with the glittery texture paste to add a little shimmer. On the smaller tag I added a small flower cluster. I added a few minor details to the wine bag. Most bags get thrown in the bin so I usually don’t do much, some simple stamping with the Bokeh Circle Stamp and some texture with the Bokeh Stars Stencil with some shimmery paste. A couple bold and colourful ribbons and pinned right to the handle to finish it off. I will keep this in my stash for the next time I need a gift. Looking forward to seeing the entires this month, and if this month is your birthday month Happy Birthday from me to you!

July Tags Set

Here is a short video for you

Enjoy the close-ups. I cant wait to see all the entries.

July Tags Set 3

July Tags Set 1

July Tags Set 2

Thank you fro stopping by today! Happy Birthday to all you July Birthday’s out there.



Creative Embellishments

Circle Bokeh Stamp

Star Bokeh Stencil

Balloon Set 1

Tag Set 1

Tag Set 2

Chalk Board Shaker

Stampin’ Up Fabulous Four Stamp

Webster’s Pages Paper

Andy’s Skinner’s Cosmic Shimmer

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