Keeping It Reel Double Layout with Creative Embellishments

This is a double layout, I haven’t done one of these in years. I have so many projects and photos I want to showcase that I just don’t have enough time in my world to do it.

While I was at Maggi’s back in June, this is one of the projects I was going to do along with a mini album. Adam and I took the kids on an all day excursion fishing in the vast wide open ocean. We did not catch the a big sword fish but we did bring home a good haul. 25 pounds worth of Mahi Mahi and Tuna. So worth it.

I have a short video of the creative process.

I started with the base paper, Using the Distress Weave stencil and the Circuit Stamp on the background. I had brought limited supplies and used what I had. I used some shimmering paste to mimic waves in the background.

Once I had the background done, I built up the photos and layered various cutouts from the paper collection. I had been sitting on the Keeping it Reel Title and Fishing set for some time. My boy loves to go fishing. This was perfect because he was the Tuna King this day.

I used embossing pastes and powders to each of the chipboard. Even adding string to each of the hooks to add to the feel of being out in the ocean catching the big Mahi Mahi.

Once everything was built up, I actually added some journaling to the page. Something I wish I did more of. I might have to do more of these double pages. It’s one way to scrap more memories and use up some supplies.


I hope you enjoy! Thank you for stopping by.


Fishing Set

Keep it Reel Title

Circuit Stamp

Distress Weave Stencil

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Mixed Media Tags with Creative Embellishments

I love when I can have scrappy weekends away, except I never know what to pack or what kind of scrapping mood I will be in. This last trip to Maggi’s I had plenty of paints and mediums, but really didn’t use very much. It just how it rolls sometimes. This is a tag set I made for a friend of mine that is retiring. I have known her for over 20 years. She taught me to be the nurse I am today. I did my internship with her in collage and had the wonderful pleasure of working with pretty much since. She is one of the hardest workers and always willing to pick up shifts and go above and beyond. This tag set I made to just remind her to Enjoy Life. And as we all know life can be short.

Here is a short video of the the process.

Here are a few close-ups of each of the tags. 

I started with the base of each of the tags, I added the small hexagon stencil with some thick black paste. I built up a few layers with paper and figured I would add a little more with the chicken wire circle. 

I finished it off with the Funky Alphabet and some flowers and metal sentiment. 


I hope you enjoy the project today, and Remember to Live Life and Enjoy! 




Chicken Wire Circle

Funky Alphabet

Small Hexagon Stencil

Tags Set 1



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October Challenge Spooky ATC’c

Welcome back to another month at creative Embellishments. I had the wonderful pleaseure of another weekend getaway at Maggi’s house. I did get to work on a few DT projects. I started with the ATC’s. ATC’s are fun and relatively easy because of the twist. Using somenthing old from your stash. Well this paper is fun and from 2014, and the pastes are from 2015. Some so old I had to add some water and try and reconstitute to make them even usable. I started out applying a base paper to both the front and backs of each of the ATC’s. I brought a variety of themed stencils, applying the “thick” pastes with each of the Pumpkin Faces, Ghosts, Spiderweb and Stars Envy. I there added the same “thick” paste to the Bats, and Punmkin Chipboard. I picked out a title for each of the ATC’s and then added a Halloween Flair to all. A little bit of fun ribbon and the fun set of ATC’s are all done.

Here is a the inspirational photo and remember to dig something out of your stash.

Here is a short video of the creative process. 

Here are a few close-ups:

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see some fabulous entries this month.

ATC’s Set 1

ATC’s Set 3

Ghost Stencil

Pumpkin Faces Stencil

Star Envy

Web Stencil

Jolly Jacks-o-Lanterns


Haunted Flair

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In The Mountains Mixed Media Layout Creative Embellishments

I plan on sharing all the projects I made while on my weekend Hiatis with Maggi. Layouts are easy to pack for, small compact, you can through a number of things in a small baggie, vs the big projects that I end up needed half of my room to complete them. So here is another page I made. This is from our trip to Colorado. We rented a sided by side and tooled up the mountain. Such a gorgeous view. So many memories.

Here is a short video of the creative process. Now I value your time and I try and keep them short and sweet.

I did a bit of background work starting with the Distress Patterns Stencil and some bold black paste. Once dried I use the Distress Harlequin Stencil and some Tim Holtz distress paste to give it more of a feel.

I moved on to the chipboards, I have been holding on to the moose and the mountains for a bit. I used some simple spray with the moose and mountains and then actually painted the valley’s of the mountains with white paint. I added some texture paste to the Filigree set and sprayed it to blend and match with the background paper.

After prepping the chipboard, I decided to put it all together. I add layers of paper along with the chip board and the flowers.

So with the page coming together, I wanted to soften the look, easy to do with some dry brushing and bold white paint. But in the end, one more page of memories documented and a fair number of supplies while gone, which was one of my goals.

I hope you enjoy, Thank you for stopping by today. Stay Creative!


Moose Set


Filigree Scroll Set

Distress Patterned Stencil

Distress Harlequin Stencil

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Altered Fan with Creative Embellishments

I ran out of project to do while at Maggi’s house, So she throws a Victorian Fan 5 at me and basically said “Make a fan”, She practically dared me to do it. So I never turn down a good challenge. I had a paper pack I hadn’t used yet and some chipboard I brought as a “back-up” I can do this.

Here is a short video of the creative process. And I will say it was a short creative process. 



Using the Fan, I added some paper to the front side of the fan and some simple tissue paper to the back side, using a matte varnish, I covered both sides.

After getting each of the bases down, I cut a few embellishments from the papers and added very minimal elements to the fan. I topped the fan off with the Nautical Corner. Adding some texture and then painting the element. I finished off the Fan with some fine details with micro beads and wax.

I hope you enjoyed, and thank you for stopping, stay creative!!!


Victorian Fan 5

Nautical Corner

Ciao Bella Le Repubbliche Marinare Paper Collection

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“Air Mail” Mixed Media Tags with Creative Embellishments

Welcome back to another month at Creative Embellishments. I’ve been pretty busy with work and with the summer it is so much harder to get into the craft room. Projects that a need warm weather and just trying to have some fun. But with the weather cooling off, I see more crafty time in my future. Septembers challenge was fun. Right in my wheel house. So creating for this challenge was a breeze. These tags were fun. I love all the crackle and texture so I started with the base tags set 2 and built up from there. I save all my stamps that come from my international packages and decided to put some Russian stamps on here. The twist this month was to use maps so I used the Air Mail paper that is a map and added the Round Distress Stamps to build on the twist this month. I added some texture with the Plaid Stencil and I can never have enough crackle. So I have a little video of the creative process. Enjoy and I hope to see some great entries this month!

Here is the inspirational photo, remember the twist is maps.

Enjoy the video:

Here are a few close-ups

Thank you for stopping by today! Stay crafty!


Round Distress Stamps

Tags Set 2

Half Tone Circle Stamp

Plaid Stencil

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Distress Ink Tower with Creative Embellishments

I saw this awesome post in the Tim Holtz group by Olga Brock. She had put together an “Ink Tower” with these little wooden crates found at the dollar store. I totally loved the look and decided to try my hand at it. Well it was just an adventure to find the crates, I ended up at 4 different Dollar Stores finding enough crates to build it tall enough for my inks.

Here is a short video of the whole project. It ended up being quite large so sometimes it’s a little off screen.

I did some background work and added some crackle to the bases, inside and the edges that will be shown. Once that was all dry, I cut and added some paper, my favourite colours brown and teal.

After the paper, I Stamped an little with the typewriter stamp, before moving on to the texture with Rivet Stencil and the Small Circles Stencil.

After setting it all aside to dry, I move on to the gears, flourish gears and small gears. My hubby always has left over gears, gages and other bits and bobs. This fella is a bigger one and ended up being the right size for the project. I added a little texture and paint and added some steampunk glasses.

I love mixing my acrylics to make a rusted aged look, after a few layers watered down with a spritz bottle, I splatter some titan buff on to finish the look of it.

Once everything is dry, I start to assemble, I found these brush holders on Amazon. And I layered a few of the chipboard with some heavy gel medium and attached the hangers.

Here are a few close-ups of the project.

I finished each of the fronts with words of encouragement and creativity.

Thank you for stopping by, again thank you Olga for your inspirations. So many creative ways to build something so unique.


Small Circles Stencil

Typewriter Keys Stamp

Distress Type Stamp

Rivet Stencil

1 1/2 Gears

3/4 inch Gears

1 inch Gears

Corner Gears

Simple Gears Flourish

Steampunk Goggles

7 Dots Studio Fourtune Teller Paper Collections, Writers Block Word Stickers

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Sunshine Layout with Creative Embellishments

Well I am not one that works the best with Graphic 45. But I love this paper pack and wanted to make a layout with it. This photo is from my good friend Pam. We had gone to the orchard and took some really good and fun photos. But again thanks to Maggi, the G-45 Queen, this layout didn’t get put in the bin. 😉

I started with just the base some layer and some usage of the pre-made journaling card and die cut elements.

I used the Sunflower Set and added some modeling paste to the tops of them and added some prills. I added more paste and some flocks to the stumps of the sunflowers. I needed to push it down more and added some spray colour to the paste that dried white. (I had never used that kind and was interested to see how it worked.)

Pretty simple layout but I did add some colour to the Fancy Floral Filigree Flourish and This is one layout that I need to set it aside until I figured out what I wanted to do with it. Here is the short video not a lot of techniques but enjoy none the less.

After a night sleep and some positivity from Maggi, I threw the rest of it together. Sometimes just walking away is the best thing.

There is a short video of the creative process.

Thank you for stopping by today! Stay creative and push your limits.


Sunflower Set

Fancy Floral Filigree Flourish

Graphic 45 Farmhouse

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White Space Creative Embellishments August Challenge

This layout you should enjoy. It started out as a challenge from Maggi. She almost dared me to just create with no limits other than the “white space”. She gave me a white piece of paper. (Because I didn’t bring any of my own). And said “look at these hexagons, you could make this work” based on the sketch. If you could only imagine how this conversation went.

Here is the inspirational photo:

Ok, I am always up for a good challenge, but white space isn’t really my thing. But a few drinks in me, I’m up for anything. Now you will find enjoyment out of the video. Nothing like epic fail, but in the end, it actually looks kinda nice.

So with the video on how this went from white, to what is she doing?……to Now what the heck is she doing? to Hmmmmmm this might just look ok.

So a little back story of the photo. This photo is from our trip to Nebraska before Covid. Downtown Omaha is such a beautiful area. So many interesting buildings and

After the background was figured out. Hahahaha this was by total trial and error. But I worked on the Hexagon pieces with a base of paint to match the photo. Then some patches of resist paste before a top layer of white paint. I heat set the resist paint and wipe away while it is still hot.

I worked more on the background with white paste with the Hexagon Bokeh Stencil. I used the bold white to make more white space, I still wasn’t sure I had enough white on the page. I did the same background technique on the Hexagon Pieces as the attempt on the background.

After applying a quick layer of paint on the Palm Leaves 2 and the Daisy Set, I put it all together. I think I made this in record time. Maybe 30 minutes. Inhibitions were not in the way here. Whiskey will do that.

Nothing like the hot mess express here. But I think I came together rather nicely. I actually am surprised at my self that I actually acomplished white space, Or maybe I don’t know what white spacce means.

Thank you for stopping, I would love to see your interperation of white spaced.


Daisy Set

Hexagon Pieces

Palm Leaves 2

Hexagon Bokah Stencil

White Card Stock

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My Little Man Creative Embellishments

I went to Maggi’s on a mission. I needed to get away, relax, have great food and great drinks and great company. I also needed some good uninterrupted creative time. I am so surprised at how much we both got done with, especially since we took an afternoon to head on to the distillery and the winery. I think it was the perfect storm together my act together and be creative.

Now with this layout if you can’t tell how little Maksim was, its been sitting on my desk for a while just waiting for the time to get it done. I started with the base, the paper was an old collection~2014. But I loved the blacks and greens.

Starting on the base, lay down a stencil, and moved onto the a bold black paste with the squares from the distress patterned stencil.

I did make a video, So it’s not my normal set up so please be patient with the process.

I got some cardboard stash from Maggi and painted with some Carbon Black Fluid Acrylic. I added it to add a little lift to the base of the focal point.

The fun part of heading somewhere else where there is an abundance of supplies you don’t normally have or you try something and get “enabled” to spend some money. Let’s just say I did pick up a few things when I was gone. Using some nice embossing enamels, I covered the smaller of the Fancy Rectangle Frame Set. I also covered part of the Cattails along with the Hurricane Lamps.

Now it was just a matter of putting it all together and adding the Little Man Title on the page. A little enamel and a bit of the heat gun. This is one of my favourite photos of my little man, so young and innocent.

I truely love how this looks it turned out pretty much how I envisioned it. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for joining me today! Be creative!



Little Man Title

Distress Patterns Stencil

Hurricane Lamps

Fancy Rectangle Frame Set

Emerald Creek Charred Gold

Stampendous Aged Greed Fantage, Fran-tage Aged Taupe Embossing Enamel

Prima Marketing Forever Green Botanical Garden 12×12

Finnabair Mind Games 6×9 Stencil

Petaloo Flowers

DecoArt Fluid Acrylics

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