Shabby Chic Congrats Tag with Heather Thompson


Welcome back to another post. I was asked to make another retirement card for a very generous, caring co-worker. I wanted to go a bit shabby chic on this on this one and I love using the large tags because lots of people can sign the back and send farewell wishes.

I started with the base large tag and added a shabby chic paper over the tag. After some prep of the paper with clear gesso, I added the Harlequin Stencil and some shimmery pastes. Once dried, I wasn’t liking the paste as much I though I would. As it dried, it had a bit of a yellow tint to it. So in my fashion that I am, layers and more layers, I grabbed another tag added some paper and figured I would cover most of the paste with that.

Using the Scroll Flourish 2 and the Simple Flourish 3, I add some multi-coloured embossing powder and set aside to start layering. I cut the scroll flourish in half to cover the base tag and then pulled the elements from the paper and layered in some corrugated cardboard. It also adds some lift and dimension to the card.

I added the Simple Flourish 3 to the top tag and embellished with a few flowers, leaves and lace.

I finish the tag off with the Congratulations Title and some bold Embossing Powered

I hope you enjoy the tag today. Thank you for stopping by. Happy crafting.



Simple Flourish 3

Scroll Flourish 2

Congratulation Title

Large Tag

Harlequin Stencil


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