Festive Holiday Jar

Welcome back to another post here. I would love to share a fun project I made recently. I am turning over a new leaf, new traditions, new memories and new festive projects. I love the holidays but find I run out of time to decorate, hang all the lights I want to hang, just spend time with the kids and have fun. This has been a whole new year of change and one change is decorating. Festive lights, decorations and even a lopsided Christmas tree is happening.

This is a jar I picked up at a thrift sale. I was going to steampunk it all out. Because I love the steampunk but I changed it up. I decided to start with the base of the jar and take some Snowflake paste and the Snowflake Stencil and add some texture around the whole jar. I waited between sections of the jar to dry and gathered flowers, stjerneanis, (Star anise), glitter, the filigree trees, and wooden snowflakes to the mix.

I used some embossing powder to add green to the filigree tree, and a very festive shabby white embossing powder of the snowflakes.

I glued down the filigree tree and then added a small flower cluster to the front of the jar. I place the stjerneanis and smaller wooded snowflakes in the bare spaces. Once everything was glued down, I added glitter, frosted Blue Acrylic Snowflakes and the remained snowflakes I didn’t use in the candle itself. just to add a little more holiday glitter to the project.

I hope you enjoy and welcome December! Happy crafting.



Snowflakes Wood Veneers

Frosted Blue Snowflakes Acrylic

Snowflake Stencil

Filigree Trees

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