Life Documented Mixed Media Layout

Welcome back to another post here. I would like to share a layout I made based off some inspiration from Andy Skinners May Challenge.

This is a layout I made with the inspiration photo in mind, using various products. I picked out the paper and all the chipboard, stencils  and goodies to go with it.



I made a short video of the creative process.


I started with the background, like I always do, knowing that I will cover up most of it 95% of the time. But I love the feel and the texture of things. I also love pulling out elements of the paper. I added more Distress Script Stamp to the background seeing there was already writing on there. I also added the gypsie queen with a iridescent embossing powder.



Once the embossing was done, I added stencil with the Mandala Stencil and some crackle paint. On the cut out elements, I used the Flourish stencil 3 for a little more texture. I used the granite embossing powder on the Swirl and Scroll 2 Flourish.


Once I had everything embossed and ink distressed around the edges, I fussy cut a number of elements. I then placed them here and there, where they might look good.

Once it all looked ok, I started to glue them all down and find my title for the page. This title I choose the Life Documented and added it to the layout.



Distress Script Stamp

Swirl and Scroll 2

Flourish Stencil 3

Life Documented


Andy Skinner

Mixed Media Granite Embossing Powder

Gypsie Queen Stamp

Mandala Stencil


Craft Box UK Vintage Alice Paper Pack

Lindy’s Gang Whale Watch Blue

Buccaneer Bay Blue


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Steampunked Altered Violin

Welcome back to another post here. I would love to share a project I’ve been sitting on for a while now. Hopefully like starts to slowdown and straighten out and I will more time to create.

This violin I found at an old thrift store, I have had my eyes open for one for a while now and I finally came across one at a reasonable price. It was missing some key \componets to make it work and I think the cost to replace and repair was maybe too much for the previous owner. One persons junk is another persons treasures.

I have a short video of the creative process. Lots of painting and blending on this project. But now-a-days I just need to shut the mind off and relax. Painting does that for me.

I started with Andy Skinner’s Floral Grundge Rice paper, I knew stamping would not really work plus the fine finish of the beautiful instrument would make it hard to do much on. I decided to decoupage the rice paper and cover up the glossy outside.

Once dried, I added the Ledger stencil to the top of the violin, I used a matte gel knowing it would dry clear. I didn’t want too much taken away from the focal points of the project. Once the gel was dried I simply added some Quinn gold watered down to the background.

I love the sand texture technique with the gears chipboard. Using the small gears and the 1 1/2 inch gears along with the Pipe works, I added the sand texture paste and set aside to dry. Once dried, I used a combo of paints to achieve the rusted look to the chipboard. I felt like it was so muddied up so I added some Cobalt teal to the gears and pipe work to separate the base of the violin and embellishments I added. A little dry brushing to highlight the peaks and the violin is brilliant. I love the look it achieve once I added some ink distressing as the final touch.

This project I will be keeping for years to come, I just love the look!

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoy and be creative.



Gears 1 1/2″

Gears 3/4″


Ledgers Stencil

Andy Skinner Floral Grunge Rice Paper

Andy Skinner Acrylic Paint Quinnacradone Gold, Cobalt Teal, Rust, Yellow Iron Oxide, Paynes Grey. Matte Varnish

DecoArt Fluid Acrylics Titan Buff

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Blowing Bubbles Tags with Heather Thompson

Hello Again,

I would love to share a fun tag set I made for Creative Embellishments based off Andy Skinners April mood board. I love the new Blowing Bubbles stamp and wanted to make some tags that are bright and fun!

I started with the base tags using two larger ones from the Tags Set. I applied a layer of white paint. The rice paper is a good thickness but I wanted these to be bright. Using the Rice Paper and matte varnish I adhere the Rice Paper down. I use sandpaper to trim the edges of the paper, it gives it a rough look. Once dry I used the distress crackle stamp on the background.


Using a Halftone Circle Stamp, I added a bit more details on the background.







I added some French fancy Rub-ons to the background and got out some old antique paper. I stamped the image on the paper and once the ink was dry I added a layer of crackle medium to the blowing bubbles.

Using the Fun Eggs I took the tree primary colours and blending the paint with a sponge. I




Once every thing was dry, I too, some liquid glass and added a to each of the stamped bubbles. That medium does take a few hours to dry.

I added a spring sentiment and then glued everything down. A small little flower cluster and the spring tags are pretty much done other than some shadowing around the chipboard and edges.



Here is a short video of the process of the tags. Enjoy! and don’t forget to subscribe.



Thank you for stopping by today.




Andy Skinner

Abstraction Rice Paper,

primary paints

matte varnish

Blowing Bubbles Stamps

Creative Embellishments: Fun Eggs

French Fancy Rub-Ons

Creative Embellishments

Fun Eggs

Tags Set 1

Distress Crackle Stamp

Halftone Circle Stamp

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Congo Warrior Mask with Heather and Olivia

Welcome back, I have a treat today. Andy Skinner has a monthly challenge going on. The theme is the Congo. Interesting and somewhat not the easiest challenge to do for some of us. I was thinking that maybe my daughter Olivia and I would do a collaboration. After a bit of some brainstorming and a much needed call with Andy. Olivia and I decided that she would sculpt the Congo mask and I would do the framing.

Challenge Rules
  • Design an exhibit that may have been found in the Congo.
  • Item to be in a jar, bottle, picture frame, or box.
  • Only one item per expedition member
  • Must be a new work of art
  • Artwork to be submitted by April 29th, 2022
  • # for the posts is #congochallenge
  • Product and tools – Whatever you have in your stash if you have any of my products that would be fantastic!
  • No Glitter and gilding pastes are to be kept to a minimum. (sorry).
Any T-shirt from my clothing range and a set of my Artist pigment paints.
Congo Inspiration Gallery…
Who’s in?

Olivia did a little research on the congo and found the masks, she sketched some ideas on to some paper and off she went.

This girls brain is so talented, It amazes me how a simple 5 minute sketching session and she is off doing something else. So we had a road trip in our future to pick up some polymer clay.

We got to have a call with Andy one Saturday afternoon and the two of them chatted about what they were up to and art and ideas for the challenge. Olivia was in her element with Andy. Soon hopefully one day we will be able to go back.

Here are a few pictures of her creative process.

Just a side note the sketches she drew, we couldn’t find them and this was all from memory and just her creative brain.


Olivia in her element.

I had sent a few photos to Andy and they brainstormed a few details on the piece.

Yep she finished it all under an hour while on a call to Andy. It was about 58 minutes and her mask was in the oven setting.

So with the collaboration in the works, I start to work on the frame, I need Olivia to paint her portion but like any teenager, its on her terms and timeframe. So I started with some ideas I had in my head.


Here is the video progression of the photo. This is the first video of Olivia I has shared. It is mesmerising to watch her. No colour wheel for her, she just mixes and gets what she envisions.

We pretty much got the piece done, and it was missing some things. I felt it needed to have more elements from the Congo, Olivia and I talked about it and decided to add some leaves.

Olivia also didn’t like the boldness of the Industrial Wings so using her mixed paint, I softened the look of them with some dry brushing.

I set the piece aside and slept on it. I wanted to add a few more details. Sisal and some spears on the sides would be perfect for this warrior mask.

We discussed that we needed to make the leaves bold to help break up the neutral colours of the frame and background. I bit of blending on my part. (Yes, I need a colour wheel.) I think we both are happy with the outcome of the collaboration.


Well I hope you enjoy! And we hope you join our challenge this month.



Mixed Media Pastes/Paints

Tando Creative  Eldaro
Creative Embellishments Mini Palm Leaves, Palm  Leaves 2, Palm Leaves


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Oriental Clear Tags

Oriental Clear Tags, I am always trying to find more creative ways to use the clear acetate tags in the store. There is a bit of a learning curve, some of pastes I try stick and dont flake off, I have had some epic failures with some pastes that are gone by the time the project is finished. This is a set that I started while I was at Maggi’s house on my latest trip there.

 I did make a video of the process while I was at Maggi’s house. Not my normal set up and there is a shadow here and there. But It still gives you the idea and process.

Using the distress grid stencil. I take a thick, old paste, this paste I have had for about 7 years. It’s kinda dry and sticky. And when I go to Maggi’s, I predetermine my projects, and I bring supplies that will work on various different projects I brought. So this paste was used on a few projects that weekend. I also had the goal of using up some old stuff.

Seeing the paste is so thick, I add some gold and silver flakes to the paste. I also add some spray to the background and let it dry. Just a reminder the acetate tags will warp and melt if a person gets close with the heat gun.

Because I had the paper picked out and the bamboo chipboard. I just needed to heat emboss the bamboo to add it to the tag. Using minimal cut out elements from the paper, I simply just make a flower cluster on the front of the tag.

I also have to remember that the back of the tag is going to be possibly shown. I had seen some beautiful projects on display and then when picked up the back is a mess or not completed. I try and think of the project, what it is going to be used for and who it is going to. Most tags are front and back for the most part.

I actually think the back of the tags are even pretty.

 Thank you for stopping by today, I hope this inspires you to get create and step outside of the comfort zone and try some acetate.



Distress Grid Stencil

Clear Large Tag 3

Stamperia Oriental Garden Collection

Lindys Gang Spray

Stampendous Frantage Pinecone Embossing Enamel

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Catching the Waves Mini Album

Welcome back to another blogpost!

Sharing a fun Mini album made for Creative Embellishments. I made it with tons of products from the store and the beautiful paper collection from Ciao Bella “The Sound of Summer” This is a trip we did over Christmas last year. Finally getting to post and share. The memories are great and I love making albums. I’ve been doing a number of albums lately.

Creative Process short video:


Here is the video of the walk through

This is a photo heavy post today.

I just love the titles that Nicolle has in the store, So many beautiful nautical themed, I used Catching the Waves from the Beach Word Set on the cover of the album. All of the titles in this album are heat embossed with a variety of embossing powders from various companies to match the paper collection. It adds some shimmer and shine to the chipboard.

Other than using a boat load (pun intended) of titles I also used some of the other nautical themed chipboard and boarders including the waves boarder chipboard.

I used a large number of elements from the paper pack to add to each of the pages. These were memories that will last a life time and I wanted to showcase all the fun moments we had as a family.

I have a special connection to the ocean, it is calming to me and I find a serenity being by it. If I could live by the sea, I would. For my kids to experience one of my favourite places on earth was amazing!

We had so many excursions on this trip. We even went deep sea fishing, and taking out catch to the local restaurant to cook it up for us.

It is amazing looking back at the album, how much my kiddos have grown since this trip.

This mini has pockets, flaps and folds that holds lots of memories. We found some great off the beaten path places. I added details with the nautical badges and some background with the Distress Grid Stencil.

Thank you for stopping  by and joining in on the memories. Capture each day and enjoy life to the fullest.



Nautical Badge Set

Beach Word Set 2

Down By The Sea

Hello Sunshine

Sandy Toes and a Sunkissed Nose

Sun and Sand


Distress Grid Stencil

Waves Boarder 1

Ciao Bella paper Sound of Summer Collection

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Fear the Unknown Altered Book Cover

Welcome back, I am sharing a fun altered book Cover I made for Andy Skinner Altered Book Challenge Made with tons of Creative Embellishment products and I just sat and painted and blended trying to get some relaxation in.

I made a short video of the creative flow of this project, sometimes I don’t ever know where it is going to go. But I first started out with a focal point, which was the face. I did try and find something a little creepy and dark. I love these eyes they are so mysterious.


I have a ton of old books. I love anything old, rugged and worn, I originally started with some white gesso. Once gesso was applied I stamped the background with the Distress Type stamp and the Andy’s cracked up stamp.

I noticed the red of the old ink was bleeding through so I applied a Layer of clear gesso due to the bleeding of the ink from the old cover. Then repainted with white to hopefully stop the bleed.

Using the distress checkered stencil, I add more texture to the background. On the binding of the book I stencilled the Barbed Wire stencil. This helps pull in the frame I decided to use later.

After that was all dry, I started to blend with primary blue, primary yellow and some cobalt teal. Blending until I get a bold background I like.

I added a little crackle to the face, set aside to dry and then started blending some quinnacridone gold on the background to grunge it up some. Then when the face was dried, I added a “dirty wash” to the face to highlight the cracks.

I find the banners out of my stash to add a title and pull the grunge circle frame from CE to frame the face. Using the Quinn Gold, Transparent Yellow Oxide and Burnt Umber to paint the frame.

I dry brush the banners with the rendition stencil. I touch up the white, I know they aren’t straight but I don’t mind. I will just layer them with ribbon, tape, binding, metal chains and old Norwegian paper. Them being offset with be hardly noticeable.

Once the frame is glued on and the layers are glued on, I add some paint to pull the whole over all look together and then glue the frame on. I add twine to the title and adhere them.

I need to cover the inside of the book, I find some old morbid paper from the late 1800’s. Using Matte Vanish I decoupage the inside covers of the front and back of the

This turned out pretty neat, maybe not so dark, with the bold background but the face does make a person fear the unknown.



Thank you for stopping by today, I hope to see some entires in the March challenge. Don’t for get to hashtag #marchchallenge

CE Andy Skinner Cosmic Shimmer Super Matt Varnish

CS Andy Skinner Structure Paste

CE 4.5X3 Stamp By Andy Skinner Cracked Up


Creative Embellishments

Distress Type Stamp

Distress Checkered Pieces

Small Square Stencil

Grunge Circle Frame

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Maple Tree Journal

I have two journal books I would like to share today. Made for those guys that love to make maple syrup.  It’s a big thing here in the mid west. It’s something to do when you cant be on the ice anymore fishing and it’s too cold to be on the water at the beach. It’s the bridge between winter and spring.

Here is a commissioned piece I made for my good friend’s dad who does maple syrup. She tells me he writes it on the wall outside in their shed. Here is a book he can now keep with for years to come.

There is no video today, but this was a rather relaxing day painting and  blending.

I started with some strata paste on  the front and back covers, heat setting until dry. The  nice thing about this paste is I didn’t need to prime it, I was ok with areas of more coverage   on some areas verse others.

After the strata paste dried I added patches of modeling paste to just add a few more details on the background. I love the effect it gets.

Using the Big Maple Tree and the Maple seeds, I rusted all of them. Knowing this is for an 0lder guy, Its has to be somewhat manly. I used diluted paint and my spray bottle to really get a watercolour effect.

I finished off the chipboard with some titan buff and the spray bottle. Just add a title and this journal is ready to go.

This next journal was a gift. Using the same background technique, and painting I ombré the background, I was heavier on the Quinn Gold on this one than the other, I also switched to the modeling paste with some crackle paste to add a different effect on the book.


Using the Maple Tree Branches and Leaves, I rusted with the diluted paint and may spray bottle. Again making it manly but keeping  with the theme, I lay a simple design on the front cover.

I just finished the book off with a title and all set, ready to go for the up coming maple syrup season.

Thank you all for stopping by today, Think Spring!!!!! And Happy Creating!!




Big Tree

Maple Tree Seeds

Maple Tree Brand and Leaves

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Stationary Card and Tag with Creative Embellishments

Welcome back to other post today. Today I would like to share a set of tags I made for my former bosses. Each of then have transitioned to another position. I love the vintage look of the paper I picked out and seeing both of them are in leadership, I wanted to have the influence of work built into the card and tag, So I decided to use the Work Clips to incorporate into the set.

Here is the creative video of the process:

Using the paper to help incorporate the industrial lightbulbs into the project. I build the set up around those.

Pulling more details out of the paper, I used the Crackle Stamp and the Distress Type stamp on the base paper.

I always start with the background adding textures and pastes. I love not only the look but the feel of the project. Using the Rivet Stencil and Distress Grid Stencil, I add two contrasting pastes to the background.

Using the word clips, I heat embossed with a glossy black bold powder. I built up the Industrial Hanging Lightbulbs with the same bold embossing powder.

I finished the back of the tag along with the inside of the card with some of the remainder clips.

After I built up the tag with flowers, resins and metal embellishments, I finished it off with some Micobeds.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the project this week! Happy crafting.




Word Clips

Industrial Hanging Lights

Rivet Stencil

Distress Grid Stencil

Distress Type Stamp

Distress Crackle Stamp

Prima Marketing Inc Archivalist Flowers

Finnabair Microbeads Copper, Bronze

Craft Box UK Electric Vintage paper collection

Lindy’s Gang Embossing Powder Midnight Pewter, Scratch Broom Yellow, Purely White.

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Baby Girl Layout with Creative Embellishments

Hello everyone! I back with a very pretty girl layout I made for a good friend of mine. Perfect timing,  she just had her baby. I knew with work I wouldn’t t have the time to do an album but wanted to do something special for her.

Here is a short video of the creative process.

I started with the base, picking out some papers that are girly and elegant. I love the paper and the fine details that I can pull more details out with stencils and pastes.

I add subtle details with some background stamping using the distress grid stamp, and the text stamp.

I love using crackle paste and used the Harlequin stencil to pull more background out. Once all the paste is dry, I added more colour with some sprays. Using a brush to control the flow of the spray.

Using the Delicate Ivy and the Vine Corner I add some colour and begin my layering process. The more the layers the more detail I get onto a page.

I fussy cut some of the sayings out of the paper pack and layered them into the flower clusters along with the delicate ivy.

All that is left is to find the right photo to put on the page. I bet the cute little peanut will have plenty to choose from.

Thank you for stopping by today! Enjoy and happy crafting.


Delicate Ivy

Vine Corner

Harlequin Stencil

Text Stamp

Distress Grid Stamp

Stamperia Dream Collection

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