Patriotic Tags with Creative Embellishments

Welcome back to another post here.

Today I would love to share a set of tags made for the upcoming holiday, the 4th of July. These were fun to make and the weather has been perfect to creative outside. A little breezy, but still gorgeous, 30C. Lucky at my house there is always a breeze so no matter how hot it is, it is still comfortable to create. So the video is a little different that normal.

Here is the tag set. I started with two larger tags from the oval tags set and tags set 6 and used my sticker maker to add adhesive to the top of the tag. Using a water colour paper, I add a quick layer of water before adding the red and blue spray and mica powder.

Here is a short video of the process.

Once the background is done, I do finish if out with a fixative so the sprays done “bleed” if I add other mediums. Using the Small Stars Stencil and the Independence Day Stencil, I add a background to each of the tags.

After the background is done, I start working on the Patriot Stars and Fireworks 2. Using the same sprays and mica powder to add colour.

I finished off the tags with words from the Independence Word Set and used with white paint to add to the words to give them colour. I added the flowers and topped of each of the tags with some Vintage Patriotic Flair.

I hope you enjoyed the project today and looking forward to a Happy Independence day to you all!!! thank you for stopping by today.


Oval Tags Set

Tags Set 6

Independence Stencil

Small Stars Stencil

Independence’s Word Set

Patriotic Stars

Fireworks 2

Vintage Patriotic Flair

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