Amy’s Junk Journal Colorado Creative Embellishments

Welcome back, I would love to share a junk journal I made for my good friend Amy, This is of our trip snowboarding out to Colorado. I saved a number of receipts, airplane tickets and maps from our trip. This is a photo heavy post, Lots of pages in this junk journal. 

Here is the creative video of most of the pages. 


I was very excited to make this for Amy, we had a blast of a time, made lots of memories laugh a ton! I started with making the junk journal itself. Then I prepped each of the papers, with gesso and stamping. I started with the Grid, Brick and Ledger Stencil and a thick crackle paste. 

Here is a video walk through of the project: 

Page by Page:

I have a ton of journal embellishments but never think to mix and match collections and companies. This project I just went for it. I added a number of personal information like out flight number and where we stayed. My room was a huge mess after this project. 

This journal book has a set of 3 inserts with 2 full pages per grouping. On this particular page, I wanted to make the goggles from the Winter Sports Collection to actually look like our goggles we wore. I used some acetate to make the lenses and then added some alcohol ink to add the colour. 

Using the Blue Stars collection, I cut lots of small paper embellishments to help fill in spots here and there through out the project. I have a goal of trying to use other small embellishments to add to project like brads and twine. 

I grabbed a few extra maps from the hill to cut out elements. Our first mountain we boarded was Keystone. So the first insert is about our first portion of our adventure. 

I added the Travel Words Set 1 to various pages in the project. Using a the same matching embossing enamel on all of them. 

I used elements of the paper collection and added more background with the Snowflake Stamp and matching inks. 


Using the Scandinavian Mountains, I added a few thick layers of alcohol ink and left the base of the mountain in the natural look of things. 

I love panorama photos, I laminated a few of these and put in the book to have a beautiful shot of the scenery. 

Our next snowboarding adventure was A-Basin. Which I think I liked better, its a harder mountain and it felt less busy than Keystone. The next set of inserts primary are tid-bits about A-Basin. 

I added an extra flap in this section and put in tags with a fun lot of info and cut-outs on both sides of the tags. 

Here’s one side of the tags. 

On the next page here is the other goggles with the white out lens. Opposite is a waterfall with a number of photos on top of the mountain. 

I filled in spaces with the white acrylic snowflakes and the 

The nice thing about waterfalls, you can add so much stuff. I brought my good camera with me up on the mountain and it was nice to be able to get some really good photos. 

I will confess, we did not go on the Gulllies. I don’t think I could have walked that far with the elevation. lol We were getting razed at work about the “old ladies” going out west  boarding. 

I love this next page, I had so much fun making matching snowboards from the winder kit. I added some embossing enamel and while its hot and melting I take the blunt end of a brush and swirl around the enamel to mix up the colours. I just love the effect it gives. 

We aways had to stop and take a break and who doesn’t love a good bloody mary in the morning. 

The last insert was a few strangling photos and our nice little afternoon snack at the winery. Again some cut outs from the paper collection and a pop of melting snowflakes flare in the cluster. 


Another great photo over looking the vast valley below. 

Stunning moments we created, 
I learned a few things from this trip. One I need to get on a exercise regimen to keep up with Amy. That girl can go. Two I need a new board, My board took a beating and I deserve to treat myself to one. Life is too short an enjoy all that is around you! 


We had so much fun, and Amy is like me, laid back, easy going and willing to just go with the flow, try pretty much anything and not picky about food. This page I made a flap to add a few more photos of out afternoon out to the project. 

We finished off the trip by visiting my scrappy friend Billie for lunch before catching our flight back to the midwest. Great food, Great Friends and Great Memories! 


Well I hope you enjoyed our creative weekend away on this Junk Journal. I think I will be making some more of these. So fun, lots of time that went in, and lots of reminiscing about the good times. Thank you for stopping by, until next time. 



White Acrylic Snowflakes

Travel Word Set 1

Wine Pouring Set

Scandinavian Mountains

Melting Snowflakes Flair

Winter Sports

Large Snowflake Set

Grunge Snowflakes Stamp

Distress Typewriter Stamp

Distress Grid Stamp

Distress Crackle Stamp

Crackled Brick Stencil

Ledger Stencil

Small Hexagon Stencil


Stamperia Paper Collection Blue Stars


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