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Welcome back to another post. Today I would like to share with you a mixed media layout. I have been looking through my posts to see and realised it has been a bit since I did a layout. I have some great photos of the kids and wanted to showcase them.

This picture, I just love. These two could paste as twins. They were sitting on a rock with a waterfall in the background and just looked at me with those devilish looks they have.

I started on the background with some subtle stencilling with the Harlequin Stencil and some shimmery paste. While that was drying I do move on the the Distress Harlequin Pieces. Adding a layer of embossing powder, I heat set. I usually do most of my wet stuff and let it dry in stages and move onto something else to calm my impatience.

After I embossed the Best Friends Boarder with a bolder blue, I add some texture with stamping the Distress Crackle Stamp and sprinkle some matching embossing powder on top and set quick.

Once the background layering has begun, I start to layer and layer. The more texture the more the piece speaks to me. The paper talks of natures beauty and it cant be any truer with this photo and the place were it was taken.

I finished off some of the layers and clusters with the maple tree seeds and a layer of spray. I added natural elements of pine cones to add to the look. Picked up along our adventures.

Here is a short video of the creative process.


Maple Tree Seeds

Distress Harlequin Pieces

Harlequin Stencil

Best Friends Boarder

Distress Crackle Stamp

Stamperia Cosmos Collection



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