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This was a treat to make, Like I said I have been getting a fair number of requests for cards. This one ended up being extra special. The Heather’s (Another gal and I) wanted to celebrate for the holidays on our weekend, so we planned a little party. It was turely a hit!

work xmas

Later that night/morning, I was asked to make a card by a co-worker for her friend, It was just before Christmas so I though it might be a Christmas card. But Barb said her friend liked lilies and it was a short notice piece, she needed it on Monday and this was Saturday am right after working a 12 1/2 hour night shift. I am always up for a good challenge and I tend to work better with a little pressure, so this card evolved pretty fast.

Your the Best Card.jpg

Here is a short video of the creative process.


So I made this card, I started like I normally do, a little background stamping with the Distress Script Stamp. Instead of the ink I used Embossing Powder this time. I was going bold and bright with the reds.

youre the Best

I added paste through the Flourish Stencil 1 and set aside. I move onto the Flourish 9 Chipboard. I decide to blend with some embossing powder, I add the base colour and then while still heating I add the white and take a pin and blend and swirl the powder together. It adds to the elegance of the chipboard.

your the Best 1

I add brown embossing powder to the name plate and start to build the card up with flowers and dried cinnamon sticks and seed pods.

youre the Best 5

Because I knew this card was not going in the mail, I made a matching gift box for it. Using the other flourish I make a flower cluster on the cover. Beautifully matched to the card. I was actually pleased how fast and well this set came together seeing I was on a time constraint.

And on to the best part of the whole set, I drop the card off at work Sunday night of that weekend,  and the plan was to meet the girls for breakfast in the am. So I showed up to breakfast, to the beautiful red card titled “You’re the Best”, a stunning wine and cheese basket and a magnificent silk flower arrangement. All the girls signed it wit such sweet sentiments. I cried and cried again. It was so special, and sneaky and a surprise. lol. And Barb laughed when she tried to pay me for the card. I told her to tip the girls at the coffee shop. It was a good laugh and such a sweet surprise, they really know how to make a girl feel loved.

Thank you Adora, Pam, Barb, Erin, Tianneke, Shannon, Heather and Jennah.

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