Grunge Mixed Media ATC’s with Heather Thompson

Welcome back to another project here for Creative Embellishments. I haven’t done some ATC’s in a while and my friend Maggi posted some recently and I thought that I needed to just do some. As I was getting ready for Easter, I thought why not something bright and bold.  A friend of mine told me I do a lot of dark, so I decided to do a little grunge with some bright colours! I am up to surprise people.


I started with some ATC’s and painted them all white. Thinking bright and bold. I then started to dig through my grunge basket of chipboard. I picked out 4 grunge pieces. Distress Grid, Distress Checkered, Distress Chevron, and Distress Brick Pieces 2. The cool thing about Nicole is that she has matching stencils for each of these.


I started with just randomly picking 4 background sprays. I added spray to each of the pieces and let dry. Then I matched up each of the stencils and spread sculpting paste on each of the ATC’s. I matched with the Distress Patterns Stencil, Crackle Brick, Grid, and Small Square Stencil.

Once Each of the ATC’s were stencilled, I added Lava Paste to each of the pieces. Once the Lava paste is heated up it added that unique texture to each of the pieces. I glued each of the pieces down and matched up the colours of the background with a few waxes. I added a little depth to each of the ATC’s and picked out a title. I finished off the ATC’s with a metal clip.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope that you enjoyed and Happy Spring!


Distress Grid Stencil

Crackle Brick Stencil

Distress Patterns Stencil

Small Square Stencil


Distress Chevron Pieces

Brick Pieces 2

Distress Checkers Pieces,

Distress Grid Pieces

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