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I have some great neighbours, we live out in the country and my neighbour boys (yes they are twins) Mike and Jake have been flying since they were teenagers. Every year they make time to take Maksim up in the plane to do a “flyby” in the neighbourhood. Maksim likes to go in the fall so he can see the changing colours of the trees. So we get all buckled in, do our pre-flight checks and then we are ready for take off. Such sweet memories and the smiles are priceless.

Heather 7 Dots April 4.jpg

Here is a video of the creative process.

Heather 7 Dots April 2.jpg

I used the Air Mail Clear stamp to add more details to the background of the paper, I love the Unaddressed paper because it matched the theme of the worldly little traveler that I have. So I started the background with mixing two colours of the crackle paste and used the Air Plane Stencil after some background stamping.

Heather April 7 Dots 1

I love the Air Mail Collection, it works great with these aviation photos. All the little details from the planes on the chipboard to the extra goodies in the MASH collection.

I actually have a number of postage stamps that I have gotten from friends, and family from all over the world. I think they are so unique I try to use them when ever I can. between the layers of Die-Cut elements and Stickers I statically place various stamps within the layers, before adding the finishing touches with the

Heather 7 Dots April 5

Here are a few more close-ups for your enjoying.

Heather 7 Dots April

Heather 7 Dots April 2

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Air Mail Unaddressed 12×12

Air Mail 6×6 Paper Pack

Air Mail ChipBoard

Air Mail Airplane Stencil

Air Mail Clear Stamp

Air Mail Tags 12×12

Air Mail Sticker 6×12

Air Mail Die-Cut Elements

Air Mail Word Stickers

UmWowStudio Paper Airplanes Stencil

UmWowStudio Air Mail MASH

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