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I have the wonderful pleasure of exchanging some art with some amazing artists from around the world, many that are an inspiration to me, and support and influence the creative world of mixed media, scrapbooking and crafts. The talented Nuneka put together a great group of artists to exchange their creativity.


I decided to make an altered canvas for my exchange partner Phoebe, She loves the grunge and I am excited that she will have a piece of my art for her collection. I titled this Rustic Heart with all the rust and texture.

I made a little video for you enjoyment. my creative process, which I still am not sure what type of process it is. 🙂 but it’s just creating and enjoying the process. (giveaway there also 😉

The art exchange is not swapping art with your partner, but to receive a project from someone else. I had the wonderful pleasure of receiving this amazing project from Aira Hashimoto from Japan. It is amazingly beautiful beyond words. I really honored to have such an amazing piece for my collection. Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu Aria I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful piece.

You can check out more pictures of her project here.


Here are the links to all the other fabulous artists that participated in this amazing exchange of art, creativity and love! And check them all out, there might be a giveaway or two along the way. Just click on the name to take you to their blog, share some love, follow and subscribe!

cuadro-nombres_01   cuadro-nombres_02  cuadro-nombres_03

              cuadro-nombres_04   cuadro-nombres_05   cuadro-nombres_06

   cuadro-nombres_07   cuadro-nombres_08   cuadro-nombres_09

   cuadro-nombres_10   cuadro-nombres_11   cuadro-nombres_12

I am having a giveaway here and on my Youtube Channel. So that doubles your chance at winning if you leave a comment over there also. Giveaway is open to international entires. Deadline is April 5th I will choose a random winner from both my Blog and my Youtube Channel. So remember to visit everyone’s blog.

While we all share and spread love for the art and craft we create, a few brands and store owners are generously sponsoring our hop. Here’s a look at them. It would be nice if you could leave them some love by visiting their site, like and following them on social media channels. Apart from any giveaways on the artist blogs, five lucky winners get prizes from our sponsors.










Thank you for stopping by and Spreading the Love! I hope you enjoy all the other amazing artists and their projects, And keep on spreading the love!



Creative Embellishments: Spark Plugs, Medium Gears, Large Gears, Gear Cluster Set, Edison Bulb, Distress Grid Stencil.

Relics & Artifacts®: Flaming Heart

DecoArt Fluid Acrylics: Paynes Grey, Carbon Black, Quinacridone Magenta, Quinacridone Gold, Raw Umber, Raw Sienna

DecoArt Media: Textured Sand Paste, Crackle Glaze, Crackle Paint

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111 Responses to Spreading the Love

  1. Nuneka Box says:

    I love your piece, Heather!!! it really is a “spread the love” creation. xoxo

  2. preeti d. says:

    Totally awesome! The rustic heart is amazing, thank you so much for the wonderful tutorial. loved watching you create. Aira’s project is so beautiful, love the details. Inspired by what I see!

  3. Love this Heather. I realised the depth after visiting the video on YouTube. Thank you

  4. Simona Rebecchi says:

    I must admit that I envy Phoebe…for your flaming heart is absolutely gorgeous Heather! Brlliant! Hugs xxx Simona

  5. Vinita Jain says:

    Stunning piece of art! Love the crackled effect and gorgeous Heart at focal point with such great textures!

  6. Asia Marquet/ Lemon Creation says:

    Amazing rustic heart Heather! Wow for the textures also!!Love your creative process, however you call it:) Big hugs, Asia

  7. Shilpa says:

    Hi dear love ur canvas …like to try it…lovely

  8. Your Rustic Heart is beautiful! I enjoyed looking at the projects from all the other artists in the exchange. You are all so talented!

  9. Keren Tamir says:

    wow Heather I love your heart canvas!! and I love your gift as well!!

  10. mirtha molgora says:

    Cuanta tecnica y color, felicitaciones

  11. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Heather, love this grunge piece! Phoebe will love it. I absolutely love what Aria made for you. The colors and texture work so nicely together,

  12. oh dear Heather, thank you so much for making something so ME for me. hehe. I am so grateful that you are my partner. It is an honor to have a piece of your mastepiece at my home. I will treasure it <3
    Love what Aira created for you. She is a flower person hehe
    Will watch the video later this afternnon (when I start crafting)
    Nice hopping with you <3

  13. What a wonderful Rustic Grungy Heart Canvas you have created Heather:)! The textures and colours are amazing! So much fun hopping with you :)! Hugs Sunila & Aditi

  14. stunning project. loved it

  15. Rituparna says:

    Gorgeous this mini canvas….mainly i loved your heart with flame💕wow so beautiful and your lovely tutorial😍😊

  16. kritimishr says:

    Wow..your project is awesome..always love your projects!

  17. Renuka M says:

    Love this stunning art piece,it seems you have given a piece of your heart to phoebe she’s gonna love this..Thanks for the tutorial on how to make this..

  18. Shylaa Shree says:

    a gorgeous piece of art heather, this is so adorable

  19. That Rustic heart is so cool !!! Phoebe will definitely love it !!
    Though I had goosebumps and was so nervous while making it ,
    I am really honored to be sending it to you. Thank you and Nuneka for this chance.

  20. amazing project heather love all the texture so stunning <3

  21. ankidivya says:

    The rustic heart is looking really pretty… Loved your work..

  22. This truly an amazing peice of art. Loved the grungy look you’ve given to ur art, That texture which uve made on the heart are like veins filled with love. I truly enjoyed it😍😍

  23. fabiola de la torre del pino says:


  24. Stunning project

  25. Saloni Bhutra says:

    Hello Heather! I absolutely love the rustic flaming heart, awesome canvas.
    Also, thanks for the simply explained tutorial, and a lovely giveaway.

  26. ragasenthil says:

    Gorgeous artwork. Really love your flaming heart and the details you add for the rustic look. Thanks for sharing with us Heather. ❤️😍

  27. Angela Hoynes says:

    Amazing project – such great texture, brilliant!

  28. Rossio Reyes says:

    Hi Heather, your heart is amazing and is the reason for all !!! Happy and Sweet Spring for you.
    xoxo from Lima.

  29. Hi Heather, fabulous creation love the grunge rustic look of the canvas, the heart indeed is the attraction, I’m still inspired by the live video you did with the mix media spoon and magnet 🙂 Have a good day!

  30. Nicole Palos says:

    Bsolutely beautiful! Aira’s is gorgeous too!

  31. titony says:

    I really like this blog hop, all projects are incredibly beautiful.

  32. Kajal Pathak says:

    Fabulous mix media ..loved it

  33. Anupama kedia says:

    Excellent project ,loved the tutorial and crackled effect nailed it

  34. Smita Singh says:

    Awesome project Heather… Your rustic heart really took my heart away. ❤️loved the video

  35. Rita kanyal says:

    Minblowing project….beautifully done by you..

  36. Priya Satish says:

    Hi Heather… you have brilliantly nailed the grungy effect… That’s a severely cool project. You took away my heart with the heart in the project.

  37. Payal Mittal says:

    fabulous creation. It is heart captivating and eye catching too

  38. Pooja says:

    I loved the textures on your canvas !

  39. Payal Mittal says:

    Awesome creation.
    Eye catching nd hearty.

  40. Suman Pandit says:

    totally awesome project,love the crackled heart so much !!https://kalasirjana.blogspot.in/ subscribed to your You tub channel 🙂

  41. Shilpa Nitin says:

    Love the creation❤ so much detailing u have done 🙂

  42. Mariel says:

    Is beautiful !!!

  43. cdmalmrose says:

    What a creative piece!

  44. Aligarartscrap says:

    Good initiative and beautiful projects!!!😘😘😘

  45. Nishi Kejriwal says:

    Stunning…Lovely piece of work..would love to give it a try

  46. Jahnavee says:

    Beautifully executed project ! The canvas looks beautiful!!!

  47. Pallavi Jain says:

    WOW! So beautiful project…Loved It totally.

  48. Fantastic creation!! Love your work! Subscribed and left a comment on Youtube as well 🙂

  49. Wow!!!
    Such a lovely partner you got to swap with, Phoebe is so kind and talented. I love her style so much.
    Heather, I am so glad to know about you and your style, As I know every artists of this amazing Blog Hop and I found you in this hop as new. I really enjoyed the video of maing this amazing decorative art piece. You inspire me to make something for my sweet home, I will try it soon, my sweet friend. Phoebe really treasure it forever. Aira’s project is also just awesome. She is so creative and kind.
    Great Spring Swap Blog Hop. I really Enjoying watching all of you Lovelies…
    Looking forward for more amazing inspirations from you, my lovely friend.
    Stay Blessed and create more beauties.

    Dr Monika Tripathi Shukla

    • Heather says:

      Thank you so much Monika, you are so sweet. I am glad we could connect through the love of art.

  50. Rini Mehta says:

    Wow❤️It’s beautiful and amazing to see beautiful creatures🌸love your creativity 💕

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