Jack Frost

Jack Frost

As the days shorten and the long nights of winter settle in, you can always find Jack Frost all around you. Whether it’s in the Fall as he dances around changing the colors of the leaves to vibrant tones of reds, oranges and yellows or in the dead of winter, you will find this magical and sometimes mischievous persona walking through the forest leaving his mark of frost, ice, snow and sleet.


On those cold winter mornings, waking up from the warmth of your bed, you can find the fern-like patterns of frost on the windows. You know Jack has been prancing around spreading his scenic wintry fun.


So when the chill and frosty weather is nipping at your toes, you can always count on Jack being close by, causing some wintry mayhem and blustery cold weather.





Heather Thompson-2.png


Relics & Artifacts: Egg Shrine, Milagros.

Apoxie Sculpt

Websters Pages Desinger Trim

Aleena’s True Snow

ICED Resins Crystal Opal, ICED Resins

Swarovski Clear 4mm Crystals

Stamping Up Background Stamp


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