Finnabair Style

“Time Flies”

A good friend asked me and my daughter to donate for a fundraiser, no way could I say no. So me being on my long stretch at work, I needed to save my self the struggles of coming of with something unique, So Finnabair it is. This is one of a couple pieces Olivia and I will be donating.


So this will be a photo heavy post.  I made a similar piece during our Art Venture in California, where I got the pleasure of learning right from Finn herself.


I used lots of metal goodies, relics and pretty flowers. And over the day, between naps, (long weekend at work). It’s painted and ready for auction.

_MG_8704 Just some more close ups. _MG_8696

I used the relic from the flaming heart collection. I had originally painted it where it was truly flaming. But after putting it all together, I realized I needed to tone it down some.



I always enjoy the inspiration of Finnabair and her wonderful design team. And when you need to create in a pinch, go to what is familiar to you and you like. Thanks for the lift.

This  project is to benefit Adam Luedtke. He is the nephew of Wendy, a fellow nurse and good friend that I have, and will always look up to.

Adam is around my age with children my kid’s age, so this hits close to home.


Thank you stopping by and taking the time to peek.



Prima:  Winthrop Amethyst Flowers, Texture Paste Black Sand, Texture Paste Graphite, Art Stones, Melange Art Pebbles, Vintage Trinkets Nuts and Bolts, Mechanicals Tiny Hearts, Mini Knobs, Opal Magic Yellow-Blue, Green violet, Blue-Gold. Relics and Artifacts Flaming Hearts, Ancient Soul.

13@rts Black Gesso.

Paper Blooms from My Stash, Stampin’ Up Antique Brads, Vintage Earrings from Wendy.

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  1. Wow …. definitely an inspirational piece. I”m so glad you had the time to make it. Great donation and what worthy cause. Prayers for them. Love the photo intensive posts. 🙂

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