Flying Unicorn Creative Team

I am very happy and excited to announce that I was chosen to be on the creative team at Flying Unicorn. I was astonished at the amount of submissions and the talent that applied. So much that I am humbled to be chosen.  This will be a creative dream come true.


I would like to introduce the Team!! Check out this extremely brilliant and talented team!


Denise Jenson – USA

Heather Thompson – USA

Jennifer Snyder – USA

Karine Gagnon – Canada

Lydia Vanderplas-Guijt – USA

Lynne Woolgar – USA

Maggi Harding – USA

Marta Turska – Poland

Melinda Thompson – Australia

Michelle Frisby – Australia

Natalya Trofimova – Russia

Shona Keehn – Canada

Song Conghui Li – USA

Tammy Henderson – USA

Tetiana Komarova – Russia

Yasmin Tölche – Norway

Our Sponsored Designers:

Aida Domisiewicz – Poland

Olga Heldwein – Germany

2016 is going to be a wild, crazy inspirational year!

Thank you for your ongoing support and kind words. I hope to be an inspiration to others this upcoming year.


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