Gears Wall Hanging

Welcome back to another blog post with a fun gear filled wall hanging. If you can imagine what is on my desk you will know I always have a variety of gears just laying about. I either left a project in a hurry or threw away the packaging. So with this project I figured I would pull a Yasmin and create with what’s around me. The only thing I pulled out was the large 12″ gear 2.

Here is a short video of the creative process, its essential building up the gears and then layers of paint to get the desired effect of rust and patina.

After fulling the Large 12″ Gear out I used the Large Gear Frames as the next layer building from bigger to smaller.

I have a variety of gears anywhere from Gears Set 5  2″ down to gears 1 on my desk. Along with some other bits and bobs. So I just started to layer those along g with digging some chain out of my stash to make the wall piece look like it actually does move the chain.

After I added a few clusters of the gears and chain, I picked my favourite paint combo of Quinnacridone Gold, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide and Burnt Umber. Add a squirt of water here and there and its the perfect blending combo to get that rusty industrial feel to a project.

I hope you enjoy the project today. Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy the craftiness.


Large 12 inch Gear

Gear Set 5 – 2 inch

Large Gears Frames

Large Gears Set 

Gears 1



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