White Space Creative Embellishments August Challenge

This layout you should enjoy. It started out as a challenge from Maggi. She almost dared me to just create with no limits other than the “white space”. She gave me a white piece of paper. (Because I didn’t bring any of my own). And said “look at these hexagons, you could make this work” based on the sketch. If you could only imagine how this conversation went.

Here is the inspirational photo:

Ok, I am always up for a good challenge, but white space isn’t really my thing. But a few drinks in me, I’m up for anything. Now you will find enjoyment out of the video. Nothing like epic fail, but in the end, it actually looks kinda nice.

So with the video on how this went from white, to what is she doing?……to Now what the heck is she doing? to Hmmmmmm this might just look ok.

So a little back story of the photo. This photo is from our trip to Nebraska before Covid. Downtown Omaha is such a beautiful area. So many interesting buildings and

After the background was figured out. Hahahaha this was by total trial and error. But I worked on the Hexagon pieces with a base of paint to match the photo. Then some patches of resist paste before a top layer of white paint. I heat set the resist paint and wipe away while it is still hot.

I worked more on the background with white paste with the Hexagon Bokeh Stencil. I used the bold white to make more white space, I still wasn’t sure I had enough white on the page. I did the same background technique on the Hexagon Pieces as the attempt on the background.

After applying a quick layer of paint on the Palm Leaves 2 and the Daisy Set, I put it all together. I think I made this in record time. Maybe 30 minutes. Inhibitions were not in the way here. Whiskey will do that.

Nothing like the hot mess express here. But I think I came together rather nicely. I actually am surprised at my self that I actually acomplished white space, Or maybe I don’t know what white spacce means.

Thank you for stopping, I would love to see your interperation of white spaced.


Daisy Set

Hexagon Pieces

Palm Leaves 2

Hexagon Bokah Stencil

White Card Stock

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