“The Virus” Mixed Media Layout Creative Embellishments

This post will particularly hit home with me. I’ve been around long enough to have gone through H1N1, SARS, MERS, and Ebola to name a few.  But I have lived Covid since the beginning. We were learning from New York, we were preparing, practicing, and teaching other staff for when it hit us hard. It was always changing, every day, such a fluid situation. We were covering extra shifts, changing our normal ways of how we “used to” do things. We were entering into the “new norm” and lived in a state of hypervigilant with personal space, safety, exposures and masks.

Adam and I talked long and hard about how we would handle and deal with everything that was going on in the world. We both came to the conclusion that we could keep the kids safe, but my nursing had to be the number 1 priority during this time. We would pull the kids from school because I could make sure I stayed safe at work. I could take all the precautions, shower before coming home, bag my clothes, and all of the other precautions. We needed that safe haven. Our house was going to be that. So I needed to stay healthy because that is were I was going to be needed most.

So this page brings me so many emotions.

I started with the background, this photo is a pic of the mask initiative my work put on. I started with my normal background techniques with stamping and pastes. Using the  Distress Circle Stamp and the Distress Hexagon Stamp switching up the colours to pull out colours from the paper collections.

Using the Hexagon Bokeh Stencil, I added a few fun pastes to the background. This really made the background vibrant.

Moving on to the Virus, I started with a base coat of white before adding some blending from fluid acrylics to blend what I think the virus looks like. After they were all painted I added some of the fun Galaxy Glaze to the top of them to add to it. I did the same thing to the Pandemic Hashtags.


After the detailing was done on the background and chipboard it was just a matter of putting it all together. I did various positioning of the papers, layers, flowers or no flowers. This is another layout I chose not to use flowers on it.

I think it gets the over all effect of the page. This page will remind me of so many things.

I did make a video of the creative process. Not too many techniques but so many emotions.

In the end Covid has made me a better nurse. I have changed and evolved through this whole process. I still have so many emotions, many that I need to work through, I have lost friends based on differences of opinions. The family time is way different, maybe a bit of PTSD. But there also is the positives. There are the new traditions, new adventures, We did things we would have never done before, new memories, and a new perspective on the value of how life is truly shorter than you realise and you need to embrace each and every day. Enjoy and treasure each and every day.

Thank you for stopping by today and enjoy the creative process. Be safe and healthy.


Distress Circles Stamp

Distress Hexagon Stamp


Pandemic Hashtags

Hexagon Bokeh Stencil

7 Dots Studio Hazy Days Zip, Element Stickers, Die Cute Elements, Tags

Craft Box UK Galaxy Soufflé, Mixed Media Crystal Glaze Aquamarine, Blue Glaze.

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  1. bf says:

    This is one to cherish—not because it’s beautiful but because you captured the grinding emotion of the pandemic. I, too, hope we have some positive take-aways from the horrific experience. You are a treasure.

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