Clear Altered Tags with Creative Embellishments

Welcome back to another interesting and unique project with Creative Embellishments. 

Nicolle has so much new product in the store. This is a set of clear tags I made experiments with how they will take ink, spray and texture. There was a bit of a learning curve with these. 

Here is the video of how they were made and what worked well and what didn’t work well. 



First of all, Archival Ink works well, You just need a steady hand not to smear or smudge the ink when stamping. If your stamp doesn’t have the foam backing, I use a liquid removable glue and a stamping block, that works well. I stamped the Distress Script Stamp on the base of the tag and let it dry. I was very cautious using the heat gun with the tag. 

Texture paste…….well……didn’t work the best. It tended to flake off the more I worked with it. I spent more time cleaning all the paint flakes off my craft matt (I am totally type A). I do like the effects that were left on the tags. It adds a shabby look to it. 

The clear crackle did work for the most part. I used the small square stencil on the back ground with at texture paste that had flakes in it. That stuck really well, and I didn’t have any issues at all with that. 

I took into consideration the back side of the tag. Knowing that it will be seen on both sides. I made sure the paper was double sided and the glue spots were clear and positioned in such a way that it would not look horrible. 




Distress Script Stamp

Small Square Stencil 

Large Clear Tags


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