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I was asked to make a set of cards for a co-worker. She gave the general idea of what she wanted and was looking for. She wanted something with wings, colourful with  inspirational quotes. I started a set of templates, I started with 6 cards which turned into 28 in total. Yep 28. 7 Dots CE card 6

I started with some background stamping and texture. I love texture and I used a ton of supplies on these cards. Depending on the background paper, I picked stamps to match or accentuate the paper.

I made a video of the process.

7 Dots CE card 2

Starting with the background I stamped with various colours and stamps. I did make a list of all the supplies I used at the bottom. I also used some of my favourite stencils on the background, The Distress Patterns stencil  with various pastes to get that extra feel to the card.

7 Dots CE card 3

By using different layers of stamps, then pastes, then more stamps it blends and coordinated the cards. It pulls in more details.

7 Dots CE card 4

Jodi wanted to have “Wings” to be included into the cards. she wanted then colourful. I started on the original six cards with the Butterflies. Using a textured embossing powder I heat set to match the cards. Depending on the card set I used various Butterflies , Flourish Butterflies and Dragonflies.

I couldn’t just make the cards alone, SO i event all out and made matching envelopes and carried the patters and layers over on to the envelopes to have matching sets.

7 Dots CE card 21

Here is a short slide show of most of the cards to see the carious colours and paper collections I used on each.

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Distressed Numbers Stamp

Distress Harlequin Stamp

Distress Corner Stamp

Flourish Butterflies

Distress Chevron Stamp


Butterflies Set of 3

Flourish Dragonflies

Distress Patterns Stencil

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