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Hello all, I hope all finds you healthy and well. I would like to send warm thoughts to each and every one of you during this time.

To keep thinks uplifted and bright, I would love to share a altered home decor project made with the Hexagon Mini Album. I originally wanted to use the album how it was intended but started the project, got the background done and went to bed. I woke up with my mind just buzzing with this idea of making it look more like honeycombs.

Bee Decor CE

Here is a quick little video of the project, Enjoy.

I added the paper to the Mini Ablum, after a quick layer of clear gesso, I stared to layer up the background with the new Multi Hexagon Stencil on the background. Also adding a layer of embossing powder with the Distress Burlap Stamp and some Cosmic Shimmer.

Bee Decor CE 9

I actually loved how the background turned out on this project.


Using the new Bumble Bees and the Beehive Frame, I paint and add a bit more crackle to the pieces. I love the lift the bumblebees have, and they are so sturdy.

I added a few layers of paper, some matching staples and a few flower clusters and popped the bees right in there.

This ending up not being an album but more of a descriptive wall decor, I had a piece of drift wood that I attached with some matching ribbon.  Thank you for stopping  by today and be safe and stay creative!



Distress to Burlap Stamp


Distress Hexagon Stamp

hexagon stamp-800x800-2



Beehive Frame

bumble bee frame-800x800

Hexagon Mini Album

hexagon album-800x800

Multi Hexagon Stencil 

multi hexagon stencil-800x800

Authentique Classique : Pretty

Cosmic Shimmer Andy Skinner Satin Sunseet


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