Andy Skinner Rice Paper Tags

Hello everyone, I would love to share a set of tags I made with Andy Skinner’s new Rices Papers. And we are right around the corner for new releases for 2020, and I am so excited to see what will be coming out so stay tuned for those. Andy Skinner Tags French Fancy 

I made a short creative video of the process of these tags. 


Using the Rice Paper, I added some texture before I put the paper down. I wanted to play and see if this technique would come out how I had envisioned it to come out. I didn’t want to cover up the rice paper but wanted to add more feel to the tag. 

Andy Skinner Tags French Fancy 4

Using the Rub-Ons I added detail on top of the rice paper and grunge it up a bit. 

Andy Skinner Tags French Fancy 3Andy Skinner Tags French Fancy 2

A few more close-ups. 


Instead of using the word plates, I used the insert and old vintage paper to make the title. 

Andy Skinner Tags French Fancy 1

Thank you for stopping by today, have a great creative day.

black and white head shot


Rub On Transfers  Media Transfers By Andy Skinner French Fancy

Stamps CE 6.5X4.5 Stamp By Andy Skinner Distressed Wallpaper

CE 6.4×4.5 Stamp By Andy Skinner Grunge Wallpaper

 Mixed Media Pastes/Paints CE Andy Skinner Cosmic Shimmer Super Matt Varnish

CS Andy Skinner Mixed Media Quick Grab Glue

CS Andy Skinner Artist Pigment Paints Quinacridone Gold

CS Andy Skinner Artist Pigment Paints Raw Umber

CS Andy Skinner Artist Pigment Paints Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide



Tando Creative: 

Tagtastic 1

Word Panels




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