Thinking of You Card and Tag Creative Embellishments

Well this is a special post today,  a video and two projects, a card and tags set. I only made a video of the card. It was one of those, I need a few special cards and I need it now, so let’s just throw something together and be done with it.  At work there has been some life altering moments for a few of my co-workers, a death in the family, a sick spouse and a new adventure with a new job. So I need to make a few in a hurry for those unexpected  moments in life we can’t control.

Thinking close-up

So to start, here is the card, Using the Doodle Circle Frame on all of the pieces, just in various ways. I started with a quick later of paper on the background, after getting the paper down, it was a layer of stamping with the distress circle stamp before adding some texture with one of my favourite stencils, the distress patterns stencil.

thinking card

I will show you the card first then move to the tags, I only had time that night to take a few photos, of the card before needing to use it.

thinking inside

After adding the spray to the texture, I began to layer up the boarders and the flowers, adding other elements including sisal, metal embellishments and alphabet cards.

Vintage Tags CE

I will confess, I had more time to take photos of the tags. There is only so much time in  a day. So between the Distress Chevron Boarder and the Checker Boarder, I added on to the focal points, before adding the flowers and other metal goodies.

Vintage Tag 2 CE

Vintage Tags 1 CE

Here is a video of the quick creative process, A quick and fast card.

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Doodle Circle Frame

Checker Boarder

Distress Chevron Boarder

Distress Pattern Stencil

Distress Circle Stamp

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