Toxic Love


“Toxic Love”

In the world of opinion, we open ourselves up to interpretations and as we share our art,  we put it out there for all to see, And our art can become a toxic love. A love we all share and want to be appreciated for the thoughts and creativity that goes into each and every piece. For more close-ups and details check out Andy’s Blog for the full reveal of the project.


Thank you for stopping and head on over to Andy’s Blog.

black and white head shot



DecoArt Media


Fluid Acrylics Cadmium Red Hue

Fluid Acrylics Yellow Green Light

Fluid Acrylics Carbon Black

Fluid Acrylics Raw Umber

Fluid Acrylics Primary Yellow

Fluid Acrylics Titan Buff

Fluid Acrylics Quinacridone Gold

Fluid Acrylics Pyrrole Ornage

Fluid Acrylics Primary Cyan

Antiquing Cream Raw Umber

Ultra-Matte Varnish

Americana Deco-page Matte

Tando Creative


Industrial Elements

Long Tag



Andy Skinner Industrial

Andy Skinner Steampunk

Andy Skinner Handle With Care


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