“A Fair Lady Shrine” with Relics and Artifacts


During ancient time of heroic knights and young fair maidens, kings and noblemen would have their young daughters fancied up in their most beautiful courting dresses and glamorous facial paint.


They would capture the eternal youth, first in portrait, by the most talented artists in the region. Then they would encase it in a magnificent shrine made with the pretty jewels and dressed in trims of gold and silver. The shrines where painted with the brightest pigments and tones for the most dramatic and eye-catching effects.


Conceptually, the more beautiful and alluring the shrine, the more appealing to the eyes of would-be suitor knights, all in the hopes of marryingthe young maiden to a rich and wealthy family and unifying powerful families.


After accords were struck between the fathers of the noble maidens and the suitors, the fair ladies dressed in the most magnificent formal attire.  In this final show of beauty and opulence, maidens were officially affianced to their future husbands in hopes of finding their happily ever after.


Supply List:
Muse® Art Stamps St. Cecilia
Muse® Art Stamps Oculus
Relics & Artifacts® Dresden Trim Wrought Iron Gold
Relics & Artifacts® Bohemian Jewels Ruby
Ice Resin
Iced Enamels Shattered Mica
DecoArt Media Primary Magenta
DecoArt Media Primary Yellow
DecoArt Media Phthalo Green-Blue
DecoArt Media Cobalt Teal Hue
DecoArt Media Cerulean Blue
DecoArt Media Cobalt Black
Liquid Pearls Buttercup
Paper Whimsy Matchbox Reliquary
Seth Apter Stamps Spot Lights
Seth Apter Stamps Border Lines
Metal Frame

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  1. Tracy Welham says:

    What an interesting piece, both the post and the altered art, I love the detail. I’m sure any knight would fall for this beauty. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  2. jackie says:

    very nice piece! 🙂

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