CCB/RA collaboration Coat of Arms

Welcome to my portion of the collaboration with Canvas Corp Brands. Today I am going to share a little book cover that I received from CCB. I used the shield from the Mythos collection from RA, I wanted to resembling an old coat of arms. With our recent trip over seas and to see so much history, this little book cover is going to make a cute little album for one of our many excursions we had. I made a little video for you all with the creative process and products in this collaboration with CCB.


Enjoy the video.

So a little about “Coat of Arms” I am not an expert by any means, but I can condense the general concept of them. Coat of Arms were  traditional made to represent an individual or a family, primarily the shield is the focal point, but the entire coat of arms tells a story of who bears the coat and what heraldic achievements have they had. Each element of the Coat of Arms has significant meaning to the individual. As our one tour guild stated “The more powerful you are the bigger the coat”
I was very surprised to learn some of the history behind them and just as surprised to find out there is actually a governing body to help determine who is granted a coat of arms based on their achievements, family pedigrees and genealogy.
So my project is a small resemblance of some of the history we got to experience while on our many adventures in England. And when I thumb through the 3200 pictures, and find just the right ones, I will bind the covers into a mini album. And Don’t  forget to stop by the CCB blog for other great projects all month long.


Relics and Artifacts®: Mythos Collection

Canvas Corp Brands: Tattered Angels High Impact Paint Kraft, Hiugh Impact Paint White, High Impact Paint Black, Glimmer Glam Golden Goddess, Gimmer Glam Espresso Bean, Glimmer Glam Berrylicious, Chalkboard Glimmer Mist Ruby Slipper, Mercury Glass Glaze,

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  1. Heather, this is fabulous! I love the coat of arms relic that you made, and all the elements put together to resemble a tapestry. Your little book covers will make a fabulous mini album to document your travels.

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