Wind Chime

As many of you know I not only create art inside, but I also create art outside. I have been gardening for as long as I have been working. I use art both inside and out as a release from the stress of work. So whither its in the gardens or in the studio. It relaxes me, it frees me.


So for me to be able to make something I can enjoy for my gardens is a bonus. To sit in one of the many places in my gardens and enjoy the true art of nature. And to see a beautiful piece of art that shimmers and shines in the patches of sunlight breaking through the leaves.


Nature and Art, they go their separate ways,

It seems; yet all at once they find each other.

Even I no longer am a foe to either;

Both equally attract me nowadays.

Some honest toil’s required; then, phase by phase,

When diligence and wit have worked together

To tie us fast to Art with their good tether,

Nature again may set our hearts ablaze.

All culture is like this; the unfettered mind,

The boundless spirit’s mere imagination,

For pure perfection’s heights will strive in vain.

To achieve great things, we must be self-confined:

Mastery is revealed in limitation

And law alone can set us free again.

-Selected Poetry of Johann Wolfgang van Goethe,  ‘Natur und Kunst’ (2005: 124-125)


I wanted to make something functional but yet stunning, a piece special for my gardens.

 Enjoy the process of this piece.

But with all artists there is the idea, implementation of the idea, following through, altering the idea, and then through many other steps, set back, a-ha moments there is the completion of the idea. And then to capture the completed idea so others can envision in their own eyes the true beauty and elegance of a piece.


And with any creative process, getting the picture to capture its true essence is sometime just as long, complicated, and tedious as the project itself. And what we wont do to try and get the perfect picture.



Thank you for stopping by today!



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  1. Heather, I love your beautiful, unique wind chime. Your garden looks like a wonderful place in which to spend time and relax!

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