Imperial Spring Eggs

With Easter fast approaching I was inspired by all the feastive eggs that I have seen all around the social media. Why not join in on the creativity. But spice it up with some Imperial Eggs from Relics & Artifacts®.

Relic Flower Egg

Relic Egg 2

Relic Egg 1


I knew I wanted something pretty and elegant yet uniquely different. I usually try different techniques to make each piece more unique from the one before.

RA Butterfly Egg


Because the Curious Ornate Egg Stand was slightly different in size, I did have to do some filling with the Apoxie Sculpt to make the pieces flow together seamlessly.  The end the result was pure perfection.IMG_3797



I hope this inspires some Majestic Imperial Eggs of your own to spice up your Easter decor.



Relics & Artifacts®: Dresden Trim Daisy Chain Large, Imperial Eggs, Boheimum Jewels Aquamarine, Boheimiun Jewels Ruby.

Apoxie Sculpt.

PaperWhimsy Curious Ornate Egg.

Retro Care Art College Print

Stampin Up: Creative Elements Stamp.

Ice Resin®: German Glass Glitter Shards, Crystal Opal, Iced Resin.

DecoArt Media: Matte Medium, Tinting Base, Titan Buff, , Carbon Black, Titanium White Cobalt Turquoise Hue, Metallic Silver, Paynes Grey, Pyrrole Red, Metallic Green, Metallic Brown.

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