I highly recommend that if you ever have the chance to take a class from Anna Dabrowska,  otherwise know as Finnabair, you should jump at the chance.  This was Finnabair’s Verdigris class.


Finnabair’s teaching style and all the techniques are just simply amazing. To learn from the master herself, and to be in the atmosphere is a once in a life time opportunity. Having the chance to be in a small group, being able to talk and ask questions and just get to know the product and techniques is worth it all.

This was my piece I made during the class.


This was my class results.

I got to go with a great friend, Wendy and got to meet some great people that I “know” online, and had the pleasure of finally meeting them in person.



(Photo Credit: Anna Dabrowska IG)


Finnabair and Me. Pinch me, need I say more.



I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Linda Cain, who designs for Finnabair. She is crazy talented. (yep the apron she is wearing she made, like I said crazy talented).



I also got to meet one of the sweetest and kindest people out there. Kathy always can put a smile on anyone’s face with her kind demeanor and special words.


So I wanted to recreate what I learned in class, and work with the product and practice what I learned. So I decided to make a couple more canvases. I made one canvas for my good life long friend Julie. Her and her husband are finally state side after both serving our county for 20+ years each.




And I made another one for my older sister, She loves anything ocean themed. (ok, so do I)


White washed here prior to the finally coloration.


So I hope, if you get the chance to take some amazing classes and experience it. Jump! at the chance. Well worth it.

Thanks for stopping by today.


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  1. cain81 says:

    WOW! Your project turned out crazy awesome!!! I love it. Great job girl, and it was so great to meet you.


  2. Kathy Bradley says:

    Wonderful article and your pieces are beautiful. Thank you for the kind words in the article – you are a sweetheart and so talented!

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